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Gen. Paul Malong Rebel Movement Merges With Federal Union Group

The South Sudan United Front (SSUF) under the leadership of former army chief, Gen. Paul Malong has merged with the Federal Unionist Liberation (FULF).

In April 2018 Gen. Malong, after being dismissed as the SPLA Chief of Staff, fled to Kenya and announced the birth of SSUF to militarily challenge the government of Salva Kiir, whom he accused of turning South Sudan into a failed state.

On Thursday Malong and FULF Chairman, Dickson Gatluak Lock signed a merger agreement.

Col. Dickson Gatluak

“The purpose of this agreement is to confirm the politico-military determination between the parties to achieve lasting and enduring peace within the borders of South Sudan through their military and political merger,” said part of the agreement.

The merger according to the agreement is boost strength to Kiir from power.

“Pursuant to the parties’ decision to enhance the aforementioned mutual interest, leadership and command talks were held among other things and the said parties, agreed unanimously to merge as one robust organisation with determined politico-military leadership and after this amalgamation shall fall under the name “South Sudan United Front/Army” in order to achieve timely preparedness in making the movement a solid entity capable of removing the Juba regime,” added the statement.

The Parties agreed that they have a common interest in having a stable and peaceful South Sudan and to contribute to permanent stability and security in the country.

“This is pursuant to elimination of tribalism and kleptocracy by establishing a revolutionary Movement that is national in character. These common interests can be safeguarded by merging together under one Revolutionary Movement with the agenda of regime change and there after institute developmental agenda in all sectors.


The parties agreed to have one army under one command as shall be structured.


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