Gen. Muntu Writes To DP To Form Coalition Ahead Of 2021 Elections

The founder and coordinator of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Gen Mugisha Muntu has written to President General of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) Nobert Mao showing commitment to form a coalition ahead of 2021 general elections.

The announcement was made by Mao at DP headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday afternoon.

“I am pleased to inform you that we got a formal letter from Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), a very young party showing uncommon maturity.”

“Gen Muntu wrote to me about 10 days ago on 20th December and expressed their commitment to building a coalition. The subject is Grand People’s Coalition,” said Mao.

At the press conference, Mao accused other opposition forces of not embracing the Coalition saying that they only put their interest of leading the coalition at the front.

“They say let’s unite, provided I am the one leading a united front. As a matter of fact, anybody can lead this united front. Anybody if supported can beat NRM. As DP we are determined and we must learn from the lessons of TDA.”

TDA, (The Democratic Alliance) was a coalition formed by various opposition forces to line up a single presidential candidate against President Museveni in 2016 general elections.

It however fell short of agreement on who to carry its flag and collapsed.


For months now, DP has been calling for opposition forces to form a coalition and line up a single presidential candidate in 2021 general elections but threatened that if the opposition forces don’t show interest by 31st December 2019, the party will hold its delegates conference and choose the 2021 presidential candidate.

On whether DP still believes in Coalition after its December 31st deadline, Mao said, “We remain open but very disappointed by the lack of serious response by people who we expect to know better.”

He however added that if DP holds its delegates conference without clear commitment from other opposition forces, the party will announce failure to build a coalition to line up single presidential candidate for 2021 elections and the party will choose it’s 2021 presidential candidate.

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