Gen. Muntu Implores Religious Leaders to Speak Out against Injustices

In the wake of the demolition of St Peters Church in Ndeeba, Gen Mugisha Muntu has called upon religious leaders to strongly speak out against the rising acts of impunity in the country.

Muntu, who is expected to hold the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) flag in the 2021 elections, made these remarks at a ceremony where former Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza was unveiled as a member of party on Wednesday.

Speaking today, Muntu regretted the razing of St Peter’s Church in Ndeeba, a Kampala suburb and said this incident has negative ramifications going forward.

“When impunity grows to the level where it has now reached, that they are breaking down churches, tomorrow they will break down Mosques. If there is someone who is rich and they think they can take over any piece of land, that can easily happen to any other prayer house,” Muntu warned.

Muntu also pointed out that the down trodden of this country have for long suffered at the hands of the powerful and time has come for religious leaders to assert themselves.

“The feeling that you can go and raze down a church to the ground or raze down a mosque to the ground, in this case a prayer house, shows you the level to which we have degenerated,” he pointed out.

Muntu said that while religious leaders are supposed to shape society, in this case, they have gone mum to the extent that their silence is making noise all over.

“Again, we would like to communicate to them that if they cease to exercise the role of being shepherds, the danger they face is that the sheep will become shepherds,” he observed.


As such, Muntu implored religious leaders of all Faith’s to rise to the occasion and fight injustices of all sorts.

“Those who hold positions of authority in the churches, Mosques; the archbishop’s, the bishops, the pastors, the sheikhs, the Imams, they are supposed to shape us and the society that seems off course right now,” he implored.

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