Gen Muntu Awarded for Promoting Political Tolerance

Gen Mugisha Muntu, head of the new Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) political party, this Sunday morning received an award for his efforts in promoting politics of tolerance and non-violence.

Gen Muntu was handed the award at Victory Christianity Center in Nbeeba, by Pastor Joseph Serwadda, the head of the Born Again Pentecostal faith in Uganda.

The former UPDF Commander and President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was hailed by Pastor Serwadda for standing out among other opposition leaders and preaching the message of forbearance and peace.

Pastor Serwadda said Gen Muntu was deserving of the honor because he was, unlike other leaders, a “peaceable man.”

“That is why we are proud of you because you have refused to be a trouble generator, despite your position in society and the things at your disposal that you could get hold of and make noise and stuff,” said Serwadda.

“We thank you for being a peaceable man; one that believes that if someone belongs to another party, that is okay.”

He also went on to contrast Gen Muntu from opposition leaders that “generate trouble and those that make sure that there is always trouble”

“You seem to be the flag bearer of those that believe in none violence”


Speaking to the congregants at the Church, Gen Muntu said his new party had chosen a different approach to address Uganda’s foundational challenges.

“For 57 years, we have had governments and leaders that focus only on physical infrastructure like roads, water, power, education, health etc.,” he said

“While these are important, in my organization we believe that there needs to be a shift in the country to focus on things which are intangible; things which we believe are foundational and become the bedrock on the basis of which, you build the tangibles.

Such values he said include justice, fairness, equality before the law, evenhandedness and transparency in management of resources.

“If all these are not part of the foundation; what you build in terms of infrastructure can come crashing down. Some countries have had more of the physical infrastructure, but when the intangible things short-circuited, instability emerged.

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