Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba Hails Kagame, Museveni Ahead of Uganda-Rwanda Talks

Uganda’s Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Special Operations, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has this Thursday morning given the virtual conference between Ugandan and Rwandan officials a major boost, saying leaders from both countries remain heroes.

“The greatest military heroes in Africa’s history. Generals Museveni, Saleh, Rwigyema and Kagame,” said Muhoozi in a Tweet.

“They achieved the impossible. We should build statues in their honour in every town in Uganda and Rwanda,” he emphasized.

The statement came just hours before Rwandan and Ugandan top officials hold a video conference to discuss issues that have weakened their bilateral relations and brought the two countries to the edge of an all-out military conflict.

Muhoozi has for the last few weeks been pushing for an amicable resolution of Uganda’s differences with Rwanda.

Impeccable sources say he’s personally in touch with the highest authorities in Rwanda to ensure people from both countries live together in harmony.

If the talks succeed, Muhoozi, Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa, Ambassdor Adonia Ayebare and some other top diplomats will have taken a major credit for resuscitating the ties which collapsed a few years ago over counter accusations of supporting rival armed movements.

“It’s a continuation of the meeting which took place at Katuna,” said Uganda Foreign Affairs Ministry Permanent Secretary, Amb Patrick Mugoya in a telephone interview with ChimpReports this past Tuesday morning.

Asked what’s on the agenda, Mugoya responded: “Rwanda accuses us of some things. We also accuse them of some things. So, this is a continuation of the discussion under the mediation of Angola.”

President Museveni of Uganda and his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame of Rwanda on February 21 agreed on the parameters for the reopening of the Katuna/Gatuna border, which has been closed since early 2019.

The border was supposed to be reopened for all Ugandan trucks two weeks after Uganda had completed investigations and verification of the allegations of activities by Rwandan dissidents operating within the Ugandan territory.

However, this didn’t happen as the last meeting to facilitate the full reopening of the border was cancelled at the last minute due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

ChimpReports understands that not all Ugandan trucks are blocked at Katuna border.

Some of the vehicles carrying cement, food and other essential items are usually allowed to cross to Rwanda.

Ugandans are also allowed to travel to Rwanda via the designated border points.

However, Rwandans are not allowed to cross to Uganda.

The Rwandan authorities said their people were being harassed by security services Uganda, a claim Kampala vehemently denied.

Uganda said it was only arresting suspected criminals.

Rwanda’s travel ban affected thousands of Rwandans who were receiving education or doing business in Uganda.

Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Vincent Biruta recently said both governments would use video-conference facilities to continue the discussions aimed at resolving outstanding differences.

“We have been talking to Uganda and Angola, particularly, assessing how we can continue with the talks using modern technology which can allow the Ad Hoc Commission to meet again and agree on what we can address among the resolutions we agreed on in the meantime as we wait for travel to be possible,” said Biruta.

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