Gen Muhoozi, DIGP Sabiiti Rush to Karamoja Over Cross Border Raids

UPDF’s Chief of Defence Forces, Gen David Muhoozi together with Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi last weekend rushed to the Karamoja region to assess the security situation in the area.

The duo, who flanked Minister of State for Karamoja, Hon. Moses Kiige, held an emergency meeting with other key stakeholders from the police, UPDF and local politicians.

This comes after members of parliament from Karamoja recently raised concerns over growing insecurity and violence due to raids and counter raids in the region.

During the meeting at the UPDF’s 3rd Divisional Headquarters, the officials were briefed on the incessant raids and counter raids from across the borders between Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

The residents revealed that such raids and the violence were being committed by armed criminal groups, from the neighbouring countries and also from within the local communities in Karamoja.

They blamed this insecurity on inadequate police and military presence, gun trafficking and the re-emergence of guns, hostile alliances among ethnic groups to mention but a few.

Speaking in response, Gen Muhoozi and Sabiiti expressed the determination of security agencies to counter all forms of raids and counter raids, and to bring perpetrators of such acts to justice. T

Among others, the Generals promised to use aerial capabilities like aircraft and drones to counter raiders, and to also ensure faster recovery of raided animals through quicker response.


Other measures agreed upon include continuous sensitization and awareness programs across governments,  diversifying means of survival through education and commercial farming, dialogue and peace committee meetings to reduce acts of violence, regulating Turkana movements in and out of the country, opening up security roads, effective use of Interpol and the EAPPCO mechanisms in the recovery of raided animals, creation of special courts with deterrent punishments for perpetrators and the possibility of legalizing the Nabilatuk  resolution.

In furtherance of the Moroto meeting, the DIGP  and his team embarked on a critical security assessment in the entire Karamoja sub region, where all detaches and deployments along the borderline and within our borders were thoroughly reviewed; areas for the construction of border posts to regulate entry and exit were identified, the repositioning of our forces through the creation of new detaches, additional logistical and manpower supplies to ensure better response to armed raids, better surveillance of  intelligence led processes. The scale of the assessment is testament of our resolve to counter all forms of cattle raids in the region.

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