Gen Muhoozi Blasts ‘Racist’ Attacks Against Africans in China  

Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Special Operations, Lt Gen Muhoozi has joined African Ambassadors to China to condemn the inhuman treatment meted out to Africans in the Asian country.

“A lot of friends, comrades and associates from across East Africa have been urging me to say something about the hooliganism and racism being exhibited by a small section of criminals in China against Africans,” said Muhoozi on Monday morning.

“I urge the great Chinese Communist Party to take action against these criminals,” he emphasised.

Muhoozi’s remarks come at a time of growing outrage over Chinese authorities’ failure to address the abuse of Africans.

It has since emerged that African nationals are ejected including Togolese, Nigerians, and Benenois from their hotels in the middle of the night only because they are Africans.

A group of African students studying in Sun-Yat Sen University in Guangzhou were made to undergo the Nucleic Acid Test, in spite of the fact that they had no travel history within the stated period.

Cases of selective testing of African students while their non-African colleagues are left out are rampant while African men married to Chinese ladies were demanded to take the COVID-19 test and their Chinese families left out.

In some cases the African men were pulled out of their families and quarantined in hotels alone.


There also have been forced evictions of Africans from their various apartments and thrown into the streets even those with infant children.

Seizure of passports of African nationals in violation of international practices and conventions was also reported in China.

Muhoozi urged the “great Chinese Communist Party to take strong action against these few counter revolutionary spoilers.”

China ties

He, however, recognised that “China is a historical and reliable friend of Africa ever since the great Chairman Mao led the Chinese Communist Party to victory in 1949! They helped Africa defeat the existential threat of Colonialism. So China is most definitely a friend of Uganda and Africa.”

Since 2000, China has emerged as Africa’s largest trading partner and a major source of investment finance as well.

Large numbers of Chinese workers and entrepreneurs have moved to Africa in recent years and Beijing’s engagement with Africa has no doubt led to faster growth and poverty reduction on the continent.

However, much Chinese financing to Africa is associated with securing the continent’s natural resources.

Using what is sometimes characterized as the “Angola Model,” China frequently provides low-interest loans to nations who rely on commodities, such as oil or mineral resources, as collateral.

In addition to securing Africa’s natural resources, China’s capital flows into Africa also create business opportunities for Chinese service contractors, such as construction companies.

Nevertheless, Muhoozi asked urged my fellow East Africans “not to touch the Chinese people living amongst us,” adding, “Let us teach the whole world what civilization means.”

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