Gen Mugisha Tips MUBS Students on Economic Strategy

Maj. Gen. Mugisha, help an expert in strategic resource utilization in public using proven military models, abortion on Thursday walked students of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) through the dynamics of utilising available meagre resources to “reap huge economic harvests.”

He was speaking at the MUBS seminar on economics, discount held at Annex in Bugolobi.

He told first year students of Masters of Science in Accounting and Finance who had converged at MUBS Annex – Bugolobi, that strategy is mainly about “how as individuals, we can effectively solve problems”.

If the nation is to develop, he suggested, the government and employees must develop the skills to strategically benefit from the biggest resource, which is human resource.

“Humanity is the biggest resource to economic development. If people are not well-motivated, if people are not well-trained to do their work, there can never be any progress,” he said.

He added that; “employers need to value employees ideas; if a person does not feel valued at the work place, he can’t be motivated to work.”

Speaking more on inspiring workers, the general who hold a masters of arts in peace, leadership and security, said that there are three cardinal principles to effective production at work. He listed the three as: “Motivation, competence and morals.”

These, he said, without being observed, there are no hopes for economic success.


He concluded his speech with quotes from famous management author’s (Peter Drucker) book titled Managing for the Future.

“From now and on, the key is knowledge. The world is not becoming labour intensive, not material intensive, not energy but knowledge intensive.”

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