Gen Kayihura Warns Amama Mbabazi

Maroons football club will step up their preseason preparations with a friendly clash against Express fc on Wednesday at their traditional Maroons stadium in Luzira. Maroons return to the topflight after a year in the Big league where they emerged champions.

“We shall play a friendly match against Express FC on Wednesday (July 8th) at our home ground in Luzira. Most of our new faces will be given a chance to showcase their abilities to the fans, pill http://crememinceur.com/wp-includes/atomlib.php ” Maroons FC coach Asaph Tumwebaze told ChimpSports.

The Big league champions have sold two players; Richard Ayieko (KCCA FC) and midfielder Abel Eturudde (SC Villa) and are beefing up the squad largely by promoting players from the club’s well set-up junior ranks.

“Abel (Eturude) and Ayiko have left to Villa and KCC respectively. Their spaces have got possibly good replacements most of whom come from the club’s ranks, page ” he added.

Express FC will present a virtually new looking team after losing most of their key players to other clubs. The new faces include Mike Mutyaba, Ronald

Sekubomba, Ceaser Okuti, Samson Jakech, Rogers Lukwiya and David Kasirye.
Police’s fire brigade yesterday struggled to put out a fire that gutted the Luzira Mini Point factory that makes plastics.

According to Patrick Onyango the police publicist Kampala metropolitan, doctor http://challengeidee.fr/wp-includes/date.php police put out the fire on one side of the factory, stomach http://civilianpeaceservice.ca/wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/theme/ez-structures.php but it was spreading rapidly and here 2 heavy machinery was destroyed.

“No one has so far been reported dead or injured although other casual laborers report that some of their friends were inside the factory. We are yet to verify this,” said Onyango.


Onyango says that investigations are on to find the actual cause of the fire outbreak.
The Inspector General of Police, more about http://chmfire.ca/scripts/rvslib/pear/html/quickform/rule/email.php Gen Kale Kayihura has written to presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi emphasising that the former Prime Minister’s planned countrywide consultative meetings will not take place until he harmonises his intended activities with the NRM party Constitution and other legal provisions.

The letter comes just a day to Mbabazi’s planned consultative meeting in Mbale this week.

This also implies that police will use its force to block Mbabazi should he express determination to travel to Eastern Uganda.

“I, also refer to the letter I wrote to you dated June 23, 2015 on the above mentioned subject (Notice of intention to hold public meetings). The position in the said letter has not changed,” said Kayihura in his latest correspondence dated July 7, 2015.

“The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission in a letter ref LEG 75/79/01 dated June 22, 201 addressed to you indicated that you are aspiring as a presidential candidate under the NRM party,” argued the police chief.

“There is also communication from your party (NRM) that you have not been sponsored or endorsed within the parameters of the NRM Constitution to convene meetings,” he added.

Gen Kayihura insisted that, “It is therefore necessary that before you convene the contemplated meetings, purportedly under the NRM, you ought first of all to harmonise your intended activity with the position of your party (NRM) as advised by the chairperson of the Electoral Commission.”

“Thus before invoking the provisions of Section 3 of the Presidential Elections Act the advice given by the Chairperson Electoral Commission should be put into consideration.”

Mbabazi has since vowed to carry on with his planned consultative meetings that kickoff late this week in Mbale, noting that he is acting in accordance with the law.

Mbabazi made the remarks on Monday morning while addressing journalists at his home in Kololo.

“Of course he (Gen Kayihura) has no power to stop me from going for my meetings as scheduled. Even if they put ‘mambas’ at my gate, I would jump over them and proceed with my journey,” Mbabazi responded to a question from ChimpReports.

“Nothing stops me from enjoying freedoms like any other Ugandan is allowed to move to any part of the country they wish.”

According to the former Prime Minister, the Inspector General of police who tries to stop him from exercising his rights to assemble is contravening the constitution and will sometime be held accountable for such actions which he said can’t be allowed to go on.

“The Public Order Management Act has no problem and they (police) will be held accountable for violating the law because there is nothing like following orders but only what the constitution says. Everyone is supposed to comply with the law and not following orders,” Mbabazi said in reply to Gen Kayihura’s letter stopping him from proceeding to Mbale.


On his part, Gen Kayihura said the requirements under the Public Order Management Act are regulatory for purposes of conducting lawful public meetings.

“Contrary to what has been told to the press, the police is not blocking any contemplated meeting but is taking the necessary steps to ensure that the planned meetings are lawful, orderly and held in conformity with the relevant legal provisions pursuant to the mandate under Article 212 of the Constitution that to preserve law and order,” said Kayihura.

Besides, he added, under the provisions of the Police Act S.4 it is the duty of the police not only to enforce the laws but also to ensure public order and safety.

“The implication of this is that before invoking the provisions of S.3 of the presidential elections act you should comply with the advice from the chairperson Electoral commission,” he advised.

“As soon as you harmonise your intended activities with your party Constitution and other legal provisions, the requirements under the Public Order Management Act shall then be discussed. Your letter of July 6 is therefore premature.”

This website understands that police is working closely with the military to ensure Mbabazi’s meetings do not take place in Mbale.

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