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Gen Kayihura Quizzed on Kaweesi Killing

Jailed Police chief, Gen Kale Kayihura has been quizzed about the assassination of former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

The panel of interrogators including Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwiine asked Gen Kayihura to explain the circumstances under which Kaweesi died.

The AIGP had just been chauffeured out of his residence in Kulambiro, Kampala when gunmen showed his official car with a hail storm of bullets.

Kaweesi was killed alongside his driver and bodyguard.

The murder shook the nation and raised fears of an “inside job.”

At different fora, Gen Kayihura wondered why he was being accused of killing Kaweesi.

“Why would I kill Kaweesi?” he told ChimpReports last year.

“For what? Me? Gen Kale? Even if you (media) throw mud at me, it will never stick. Because I am very innocent,” he emphasised.


Suspects were arrested by police and military intelligence in the Kaweesi murder investigation before being committing to court for trial.

It’s understood intelligence organs have been arresting more suspects.

ChimpReports could not establish if the detained suspects have linked Kaweesi’s killing to Gen Kayihura.

But a confidant of Kayihura said, “It’s the only main thing (Kaweesi murder) they have asked him to explain.”

Kayihura is said to have in recent days refused to open up on grounds that those interrogating him have personal scores to settle.


Kaweesi served as Gen Kayihura’s Personal Assistant before being sent to head Kabalye Police Training School.

He would return to command Kampala Metropolitan Police in the wake of the 2009 Buganda Riots that swept across the central region.

Many saw Kaweesi as Kayihura’s blue-eyed boy as the former rapidly rose through the ranks.

During the Buganda Riots, Kayihura turned Kampala Central Police Station as his operations base where he worked with Kaweesi and sister security organs to defeat the rioters.

Kaweesi was eventually promoted to head Police Operations, a position that saw him literally run the police.

The police officer was later removed from this powerful position and transferred to Human Resource Department.

A few months later, Kaweesi was unveiled as the police spokesperson, a position he held for a short time before his assassination.

The case appears tricky for prosecutors considering the state has already committed suspects before court for trial.

“The suspects were arrested by police and other agencies. The state believes those were the people who killed Kaweesi. So, do you release them or add Kayihura’s name on the charge sheet?” wondered an observer briefed about the unfolding development.

It appears the military intends to charge Gen Kayihura with Kaweesi’s murder and other offences related to security.

As of Sunday morning, Gen Kayihura was still detained at Makindye Military Barracks alongside Herbert Muhangi, Siraje Bakaleke and Lt Col Atwooki Ndahura.

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