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Gen Katumba Warns UPDF Soldiers on Desertion, Extravagance

The Chief of Defence Forces, cialis 40mg http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-admin/includes/credits.php Gen Katumba Wamala, http://centrodelasartesslp.gob.mx/home/wp-includes/l10n.php has warned UPDF soldiers against deserting the army, stressing they risk facing the wrath of the law.

Gen Katumba was on Monday evening  speaking  to soldiers  under the UGABAG XVI and United Nations Guard Unit  who have just returned from Somalia  at a function held at the Peace Support and Training Centre in Ssingo, Nakaseke district.

“Many of you get excited over this little money you have got from the mission and think of trying to leave the army but I warn you against it. It will not help you because if we get you, the wrath of the law will be awaiting to determine your fate,” Gen Katumba cautioned the soldiers.

Katumba arriving for the ceremony
Katumba arriving for the ceremony

“If you want to retire, apply through your respective units and you will be considered but if you desert, even if you have served 50 years in the army, that will be wasted time and we will count you as new recruit who has never served.”

The warning comes against the backdrop of increased desertion as many soldiers seek greener pastures outside the army.

The CDF told soldiers for one to be allowed to retire, he ought to have served at least 13 consecutive years, urging them to place in their applications for retirement because it is now a routine for the UPDF to retire officers every year.

“Use the right channels so that you can be retired with honor other than deserting and facing the wrath of the law,” he advised them.

CDF addressing soldiers who have just returned from Somalia
CDF addressing soldiers who have just returned from Somalia

 Financial discipline


Gen Katumba urged the soldiers who have just returned from the foreign mission to have financial discipline by investing the money in lucrative business instead of luxuries.

He said many people are out there waiting for soldiers with ‘ideas’ on how to invest the money, cautioning against falling victim to conmen.

“At least build a two bed-room house in your village where you can stay with your family and this will be a monument that you once served the country on a foreign mission. Don’t waste the money in things like vehicles and the sort or else you will lose it all,” said the General.

Soldiers listening to speeches at the function
Soldiers listening to speeches at the function

“Don’t let anyone deceive you but rather guard your money jealously. Sit down and think of what to use the money for but don’t lose it to your relative or friend.”

The Chief of the Defence Forces urged the soldiers against revenging on their family members or other relatives who might have misused the money sent to them while in Somalia stressing that this would not be tolerated.

He urged the soldiers that in case the money sent back home while in Somalia was misused, they ought not to fight back but rather forgive and forget for life to continue.

“If you try to retaliate, you will face the wrath of the law. Don’t try doing it because it will not help but make you suffer double when you are imprisoned.”

In December 2012, fresh from serving in Somalia under the AMISOM, Lance Corporal Hebert Rwakihembo shot dead three people including his wife whom she accused of misusing money he sent to her on top of being unfaithful.

The UPDF Military Police officer attached to Luzira barracks was   temporarily jailed before being freed by the Makindye based General Court Martial.

A total of 1,427 officers under the UGA BAG XVI was led by  Col Peter Omola   whereas  525 officers  under the United Nations Guard Unit  led by  Lt Col Richard Walekula were received on Monday  at Ssingo.

Uganda has deployed in Somalia under the AMISOM since 2007 and among their key duties is to guard government installations like the airport and parliament.

According to Lt Col Walekula, the United Nations Guard Unit is mandated to provide security to UN personnel and the body’s key installations.

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