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Gen Katumba: Museveni Built a Strong ‘People’s Army’


UPDF Commander Gen Edward Katumba Wamala said such great leadership skills by the Commander in Chief had built a people’s army,  so sturdy and well equipped, in a small space of 28 years.

Gen Katumba while speaking at a public forum organized by Uganda Revenue Authority last Friday, said that the president’s inculcated spirit of nationalism and Pan-Africanism had pushed the army to manifold external expeditions and earned it great reputation continentally and amongst international bodies like the United Nations.

“We have been encouraged by the great leadership of the Commander in Chief, and because of this we have ably defended our sovereignty and territorial integrity, keeping the nation at peace from Kisoro to Karamoja,” he said.

In the 28 years, Katumba said, the army had managed to mend their long severed relations with citizens, thus effectively sprouting into a ‘People’s Army.’

He stated, “There were days when you would meet a soldier and just dive. Soldiers are no longer superhuman. Today if you are a soldier, you would rather have a conflict with a fellow military personnel than a civilian, because what the arm of the law will do to you, you will not like; especially if you are in the wrong.”

The army commander quoted one of Museveni’s works where he stated, “A well organized, well led, united people with a legitimate cause, can defeat any aggressor with superb weapons. Therefore the population’s attitude towards a war effort is part of the strategic force.”

Regionally, Gen Katumba said, the army would continue to adhere to its international obligations by participating in international peacekeeping efforts.”

“Because we are selfless and not profit minded, we have set out for missions in a country like Somalia, which at one point was being painted black on the African map. But with good leadership and Pan-Africanism, we landed in Somalia and seven year down the road, the story is different.”

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