Gen Katumba: UPDF Won’t Return Home Soon

About 100 youths in Kabambiro Sub-county Kibale county Kamwenge district have crossed to the ruling National Resistance Movement, find from the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC].

At the occasion, the youths handed their FDC party cards to the area MP and Minister for Presidency Hon Frank Tumwebaze.

A delighted Tumwebaze welcomed the youths and praised them for making the “correct political choices and for abandoning a party without a clear ideology.”

The youth said that their decision to return to the NRM was because of the good services such as roads and electricity government had brought to their Sub County and district.
The Chief of Defence Forces in the UPDF Gen.Edward Katumba Wamala has revealed that more time is required for the army to accomplish all its missions outside the country.

Speaking during the thanksgiving prayer breakfast held at the Ministry of Defense Headquarters in Mbuya on Saturday, sale Katumba explained that the UPDF needed to consolidate what had achieved before departing.

“We can’t leave without accomplishing our missions in those countries. We want to leave when there’s total peace and stability. We must also build capability for those countries before vacating and that doesn’t come easily, discount ” the CDF explained.

 Maj.Gen.Mbaddi(L) and Gen.Elly Tumwine at the function.

Maj.Gen.Mbaddi(L) and Gen.Elly Tumwine at the function.

Katumba added, illness “When we set out for the missions, there was a lot of criticism but we have been able to save innocent people and greatly bolstered the Pan African spirit. However the situation in those countries has not yet stabilized; for example in South Sudan, there are continued skirmishes in Bentui and Malakal. That’s why we ask for more time to put this to rest.”

The CDF noted that their intervention in all the foreign countries had had great impact on both Ugandans and the respective countries where they have deployed.


“We were the first to lead the peace mission in Somalia and we have saved lives and brought rays of hope to many not only in Somalia but the entire region and the world at large which was being besieged by the threat of terrorism.”

The former AMISOM commanders were commended for the good job done in Somalia
The former AMISOM commanders were commended for the good job done in Somalia

Katumba added that in a similar way the UPDF was able to prevent what he said was slated to become the genocide of the century in South Sudan.

The CDF further applauded the UPDF for their role in the operations against insurgencies back in Uganda including LRA and ADF among others.

“We must acknowledge our accomplishments and successes during the last 34 years including operations lightening thunder (Central African Republic against LRA), Safe Haven (ADF), Iron fist (LRA); The UPDF has been able to turn a once deserted Karamoja region into a safe place where one can now move from Soroti and pass via Kidepo National Park at night without any harm.”


The Chief guest at the function and Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali however warned there is need to avoid conflicts among people in Uganda which he said had kept the country at war for many years after independence.

“We must jealously protect what we have achieved by avoiding internal confrontations. We don’t want to go back to where we came from.”

The function was graced by among others; Gen. Elly Tumwine, Joint Chief of Staff Maj.Gen Wilson Mbadi, former AMISOM commanders, Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti, Maj.Gen Francis Okello and Maj.Gen Levi Karuhanga.

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