Gen. Katumba Decries Delays on Standard Gauge Railway

The newly appointed State Minister for Works, discount Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has said that when completed, patient the Standard Gauge Railway will boost the country’s economy.

Speaking to journalists on Saturday during the UPDF prayer breakfast at the Ministry of Defense Headquarters in Mbuya, remedy the minister said it is high time the dillydallying ended and work on the railway kicked off.

“Kenya has left us behind and are soon completing their part yet we have not started on the work. We need to speed up because once completed, the Standard Gauge Railway will boost development,” said Gen. Katumba, whose new ministry is in charge of the construction of the railway.

He noted that goods to DRC, South Sudan and Rwanda pass through Uganda, and stressed that with the completion of the Standard Gauge Railway, the number of goods will more than double.

“Most of those countries are moving very fast in terms of development and if the number of goods they import increases, our roads might not be able to sustain those big trucks moving to the neighboring countries .The only solution can be the Standard Gauge Railway.”

The former CDF noted that the UPDF will play an important role working together with the Chinese firm to construct the railway line.

He urged locals to also make use of the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway to earn something through provision of other services like food and raw materials which will not be provided by the Chinese contractors.

“Don’t sit back to wait for money, start up something that will enable you earn from the Standard Gauge Railway. Cook food for the workers or provide stones and sand,” he advised.

The new railway line is expected to start from Mombasa to Malaba, through the capital Kampala toKigali (with a branch line to Kasese town) and Juba (with a branch line to Pakwach town) .

It will also link the East African countries to Democratic Republic of Congo.


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