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Gen Kale Kayihura Admitted At Nairobi Hospital

Gen Kale Kayihura was granted bail by the military court

The former Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura is undergoing medical tests at Nairobi Hospital in Kenya, relatives said Monday.

Kayihura this past Tuesday flew from Entebbe International Airport to Nairobi for specialised medical treatment.

He travelled with Brigadier Musinguzi, Chief of UPDF Medical Services, to Kenya and has been admitted at the Nairobi Hospital since Wednesday, September 5.

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“He has been undergoing several tests and treatments including MRI scans. While there, the Kenyan authorities have been keeping a close eye on him as they are afraid of any incident,” said a family member who preferred anonymity, citing privacy concerns.

“He will receive his results next week before returning to Uganda.”

ChimpReports understands that Kayihura received the Eucharist on Saturday knowing he could not attend mass on Sunday since he’s admitted.

Following the shooting of ASP Muhammad Kirumira, several Ugandans took to social media on Saturday to demand the re-arrest of Gen Kayihura, saying assassinations resumed after his release from military detention.

A distraught relative on Saturday night said the “General is in hospital with no phone and is currently unaware of the death of Kirumira. His family is furious at accusations against him.”

Kayihura’s associates say he has since opted for silence, “even when the late spoke out falsely against him.”

Kirumira celebrated the arrest and detention of Gen Kayihura whom he had earlier blamed for his (Kirumira) woes.

“Thus the family feels that once again, the truth will prevail. They are just disappointed that Ugandans use any opportunity to destroy the good man they know,” said the relative.

“He gave his all to this country and this is the payback we get after being without him all these years. The country has already destroyed and condemned us. So if these evil forces killing our people succeed in harming the General they should know that the physicality of death cannot hurt as much as the abandonment of our country and the malicious lies and accusations   thrown our way. There is nothing worse than being accused of murder when you are completely innocent just as he was in the murder of Kaweesi. For us, it is worse than death.”

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