Gen. Elwelu Attacks Media Houses at Retirement Ceremony

Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu, the UPDF Commander Land Forces on Wednesday launched a scathing assault on local media houses, which he accused of misrepresenting him and propagating hate.

Speaking at a retirement ceremony for UPDF soldiers at Bombo army barracks, Gen Elwelu said major media houses were fond of misquoting him and spreading messages of violence.

He singled out NBS Television and government owned New Vision, which he said on a number of occasions have misreported about him for reasons known to themselves.

“Are those people here of New Vision and then NBS? These people think that they are very wise today; I want to tell you that your wisdom is nothing” he charged.

“You have specialized in spreading lies, promoting hatred, violence, laziness, wickedness, foreign culture and all sorts of evil.”

“Do not promote hatred, we don’t want it. We have had enough of it”

Gen Elwelu became a media sensation in the wake of the deadly military attack on the Rwenzururu palace in November 2017.

He commanded the assault in which over 100 people, mostly royal guards were gunned down by the army.


This is not the first one of Gen Elwelu’s attacks on the media.

In September last year, the General said the media was promoting chaos and genocide.

“Media want to see chaos, that’s when they prosper. The genocide in Rwanda happened because of media,” he said.

At today’s retirement event, Gen Elwelu thanked President Yoweri Museveni for restoring tranquility.

Some of the retiring officers

He said Museveni has played a significant role in Uganda’s political and social-economic transformation.

“We produce day and night but we want someone to employ them (children), who told you to produce them? For us who know it all and speak the truth, we know he has done a great job”

To the retiring soldiers, he advised them to plan effectively for their descendants.

A total of 341 soldiers from the ranks of Colonel to Private were retired today.

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