Gen David Sejusa Returns Home

In the wee hours of Saturday, medical Police arrested three supporters of embattled former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, medical with Gen Kale Kayihura warning that planners of the December 15 protests in the country must prepare for “consequences” of their actions.

Impeccable sources said Richard Kirekyenkuba and two others, this site who belong to the ‘NRM Poor Youth Group’, a faction of the ruling political organisation’s youth wing, were picked from their residences around 3:00am before being detained at Kawempe Police Station.

The move is seen as a pre-emptive measure following declarations by Mbabazi’s supporters that they would storm Namboole, where the NRM delegates’ conference will take place on Monday, to challenge the party’s decision to front President Museveni as their sole candidate in the 2016 presidential elections.

The youth say such a move impedes the growth of internal democracy in the party.

The dissenting NRM youth further argue that Museveni should not be given powers to appoint a Secretary General as planned by the party’s top leadership.

They claim concentrating plenty of powers in Museveni’s hands would disenfranchise the NRM delegates and also breed dictatorship within the party, a charge the ruling organisation denies.

Kayihura warns

Addressing the media in Kampala on Saturday, Gen Kayihura said, “Some irresponsible individuals and groups have announced plans to organize illegal activities in the City aimed at disrupting normal business life beginning this weekend, and, more specifically this Monday 14th December 2014, when the conference of NRM-O will be taking place at Namboole Stadium.”


He added: “These activities include holding illegal meetings, illegal processions, blocking roads, and highways, and, even armed attacks.  These illegal and violent activities are aimed at disrupting the Conference within and outside Namboole, and, also, in the rest of the City as well as in some parts of the country.”

Kayihura further stated that police “shall, certainly, not allow anybody or any group to disrupt the Conference, or the business life of the City, or, for that matter, of any part of the country,” adding, “Police and sister security agencies are closely monitoring the organizers of these illegal activities, and in some cases, the Police has summoned individuals to assist in investigations.”

The Police chief emphasised that the law enforcement body is making precautionary deployment to ensure that the City and the country is protected.

“We warn, particularly, the leaders of the so called “NRM Poor Youth” and another group calling itself “Kampala Youth Rescue Mission” to stop their illegal activities. We have no problem with any group wishing to express their views, or to stage any protest doing so peacefully and within the law. As a reminder, there is now in place a law regulating public meetings, including demonstrations, processions, and rallies,” he warned.

Police have previously arrested supporters of Mbabazi and opposition activists for holding what they all “illegal assemblies” on grounds that they disrupt flow of traffic and destroy property.

However, activists claim police actions violate freedoms of assembly and association.

Kayihura quoted the Public Order Management Act, saying, “For instance, Police has not received any notification as required by law of any public meeting by any of the above mentioned groups in the City or anywhere else in the country.”

He added: “Therefore, meetings being announced in the media that are to take place this weekend in Nakivubo stadium are unlawful and those announcements should be ignored. We caution the organizers that if they continue with their illegal plans, the law will take its course.”

Mbabazi supporters have been clandestinely mobilising to hold a parallel conference at Nakivubo Stadium.

They issued a brief statement on Saturday morning, saying their conference would be addressed by Mbabazi and FDC leader Col Kizza Besigye.
Gen David Sejusa, recipe who went into exile in April last year has returned home.

Sejusa touched down at Entebbe airport in the wee hours of Sunday morning aboard a British Airways flight. He was received by his lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi and the ISO boss, visit Col Ronnie Barya.Upon arrival Sejusa was driven to his home in Sembabule

“Its my constitutional right to be home. There has been no incident from the state, rx I expect the state to continue acting like this,” Sejusa told a few reporters who were at the VIP lounge at the airport.

His comrade and FDC ironman, Col Kizza Besigye welcomed him back.

Besigye posted on twitter: “Gen David Sejusa is welcome back home! It’s our home. Good Sunday!

Kizza Besigye's Twitter post this morning
Kizza Besigye’s Twitter post this morning

The return of Gen Sejusa on the eve of NRM delegates’ conference has had many Ugandans surprised, once a target for arrest by the government of Uganda.

It remains to be seen what will transpire in the next few days.

The surprise arrival of Gen Sejusa is likely to trigger suspicion that the NRA historical was on a mission to spy on and assess the strength of anti-Museveni forces in the Diaspora ahead of the 2016 polls.

However, sources who talked to Chimpreports Sunday morning said Sejusa’s return was facilitated by Museveni’s younger brother Gen Salim Saleh.

Saleh and Sejusa are known to be very close, having fought side by side in the five year military struggle that catapulted the rebel NRA outfit to power in 1986.

The General’s return is likely to disarm and demoralise the opposition which thought it had obtained a stronger military ally in their plans to remove President Museveni from power.

Sejusa fled the country in April last year after authoring a report saying those opposed to Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s presidency were being targeted for assassination, a claim government dismissed as “unfounded”, “baseless” and “sheer alarmism.”

This is a developing story and ChimpReports will keep you posted as more information is availed


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