Gen. Angina to Youth: Stop Selling Land for Bodabodas

Deputy Commander of the Operation Wealth Creation Gen. Charles Angina has cautioned youths against selling their family land to start businesses in urban areas such as bodabodas.

The General advised yesterday that land should be put to productive use to ensure food security in the country.

Angina was addressing youth during a Food Security Symposium at Hotel Africana on Monday organized by the Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA) and other partners.

Angina noted that it the responsibility of every Ugandan especially the youths to contribute towards food security by involving themselves in agriculture.

“I agree with the school of thought that bodaboda is good but it should not come first; rather retain that (land) asset than selling it to get a bodaboda, stomach ” Angina told the youth.

Agina gave an example that one only needs one season of growing onions and will be able to have three bodabodas.

“If you sell the land which is the greatest asset that you have and you go for the bodaboda, more about it means you have sold many bodabodas in exchange of only one. Imagine how speculative you can be, what risk you have on land and that on bodaboda.”

“Selling your land for a bodaboda, I will just take you for a person who buys shoes and socks but chooses to wear shoes first then socks on top. It must be the other way round.”

Meanwhile, the General promised to investigate the increasing prices on Agricultural inputs despite government declaring them tax free.

He also reassured on apprehending whoever shall be found selling fake Agricultural inputs and fake extension workers that have greatly demoralized farmers.

“One will end up with fake inputs because the corrupt fellows have taken centre stage to ensure they are the ones marketing what is fake. Operate Wealth Creation will soon expose these Ugandans and they will be reprimanded.”

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