Gayaza High School Speaks Out On “Naked Student”

Gayaza High School has opened up on the heavily circulated clip on a young woman who was filmed naked and purported to be a student at the school.

The school says while the girl (names withheld) used to study at the school, she is no longer a student there.

In the video, the girl is seen naked, smeared with what seems to be mud and attempting to cover herself with a piece of cloth.

Stick wielding men are seen ordering her to sit down and stop shouting as she continues to make incoherent statements.

On social media platforms where the video went vital, it was alleged that the young woman was caught “night dancing”

Commenting on the incident, Gayaza High School Head Teacher, Robinah Katongole Kizito clarified that this incident did not take place at school.

Katongole adds that the girl is an old student who completed her A’ level in 2014.

“We have also established that the pictures show a former student who completed S6 in 2014 and has since her university days suffered mental health challenges,” she said.


“The school is in touch with her parents to ensure that she gets the necessary medical support. We deeply sympathize with the family and pray that all efforts to restore her mental health bring quick results,” she added.

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