Gashumba’s New Hairstyle Leaves Questions Unanswered

The crack down on indisciplined motorcyclist has left hundreds arrested and others have had their motorcycles impounded.
These riders most of whom have been arrested due to failure to abide by the traffic rules which include among others not following traffic lights.
“It has been a habit of many riders to always continue driving despite traffic lights showing them red; we all a long thought traffic lights are only for cars but this operation is indeed welcome, symptoms health http://chios.ro/wp-includes/rss.php ” said one of the pedestrian at Wandegeya round about.
This operation has been seen as celebrated by most people including taxi drivers, ailment information pills http://cooperatition.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php pedestrians, hawkers and other road users.
The arrested boda boda riders were seen fighting with traffic officers while others were throwing abusive insults to the authorities.
The operation as announced by the Kampala Metropolitan Police commander in charge of traffic Norman Musinga yesterday, Thursday January, 8 was targeting all riders without permits, reflector jackets, safety helmets as well as those loaded with more than one passenger.
“Several accidents have on many occasions happened because of their indiscipline. There is a public outcry by especially drivers and pedestrians over the riders who don’t follow and respect traffic lights,” Musinga explained while addressing journalists on Thursday in Kampala.

Celebrated TV host, sickness http://cehurd.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/cehurd-logo-180×62.php Sheila Gashumba has disclosed that she is taking a break from wearing weaves “for some time” citing that there is a special person that prefers her without them.

Sheila said this in an Instagram post yesterday and accompanied it with a photo of herself with short natural hair.

This left tongues rolling as fans and friends wondered who this special person that caused the 19 year old model to dump her trademark hair style was.

Many came to conclusions that this could be her conscientiously protective father; Frank Gashumba who Sheila recently divulged was her closest friend.

However, http://clintonbrook.com/wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php some other people speculated that the gorgeous teenager could have at last found the love of her life and that the move was simply to make him happy.

It will be remembered that Sheila Gashumba is a beauty entrepreneur who specializes in selling weaves to Kampala’s top fashion icons including musician, Irene Ntale.

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