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Gashumba on Lugogo Shooting: Uganda Seated on Time Bomb

Controversial social critic Frank Gashumba has warned of possible unrest if the current signs of hatred and deep-seated anger are not promptly addressed.

Gashumba’s comments came in the wake of the shooting at Lugogo Mall this past Saturday.

It is said city businessman Mathew Kanyamunyu shot Kenneth Akena after the latter scratched the former’s car.

Police have since commenced investigations into the incident with Kanyamunyu in detention.

Reacting to the incident, see Gashumba said Uganda is “seated on a time bomb, about it ” adding, “we will all pay a price for this.”

He said the shooting underscores the economic and psychological challenges facing the common man in Uganda today.

“People are poor. People are bitter. Research shows that about third of Ugandans are mentally unstable,” he observed.

“All these incidents originate from poverty and hopelessness. They show bitterness in one way or another.”


The Kanyamunyu family has since denied accusations of Mathew pulling the trigger that took Akena’s precious life, saying the businessman simply helped the latter by taking him to the hospital.

Police are yet to find the killer gun.

But Police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi said before Akena passed away, he told colleagues that he had been shot by the person who took him to the hospital.

Gashumba warned that such cases could take trigger an explosion of tribal sentiments hence threatening national security.

“We need to look at ourselves as Ugandans. Because it’s not true that one tribe is eating. We all hustling. Yet, we are being generalized.”

The Media Council has since warned the media against inciting tribal hatred.

On his part, Gashumba said government needs to do more to inspire its nationals.

“This is anger; this is frustration. We don’t have love. People are broke and desperate. We need to reconcile with one another. This is not something that can be taken lightly,” he concluded.

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