Gashumba, God’s Plan’s Relationship Hitting the Rocks Again?

You are probably bored with socialite Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend Marcus Lwanga’s relationship drama that social media serves every now and then.

One minute they can’t let go of each other, the next they can’t stand each other, a love-hate kind of relationship that has kept the fans wondering what the arrangement is all about.

Their ‘love’ has been on the rocks this entire pandemic, with speculation that Frank Gashumba, Sheila’s father, thought it best to gift his daughter a BMW as a “consolation gift”.

The on and off couple had even started a new show called the Gash and God’s Plan Lounge but it only aired for one episode and that was the last we heard of it.

Yesterday, Sunday October 18, God’s Plan teased the ‘social audience’, leading everyone to question if they had broken up again when he posted pictures of his baby mama and his two children. Although many people knew that God’s Plan had children, this was the first time he acknowledged and posted them.

He also posted on Snapchat that he felt like he “had just escaped prison.”

Both Sheila and Marcus were at different parties yesterday, trying to live their best lives “or pretend like they are living their best lives,” as some critics have come to conclude.

We can’t be sure whether the ‘lovebirds’ are actually done with the relationship this time or it’s just another round of the affair.

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