Galiwango Vows to Run on Independent Ticket as Mbale NRM Impasse Drags On

The incumbent woman MP of Mbale district, Connie Nakagenze Galiwango has vowed to contest on an independent ticket in the 2021 Mbale City Woman MP race if she is not given a party ticket.

Nakayenze fears there is “something wrong within the NRM Electoral Commission” which may be the reason for the delay of their polls results.

“They told us to wait for another day before they announce our results,” she said.

“I want to assure you that if they don’t announce me as a winner of the ticket, I will contest as an independent in 2021 general elections that’s when they will realize the difference between the person who is loved and the so called sent,” she added.

Nakayenze was addressing the press at her office in Mbale about her plans.

This followed the announcement from Dr. Tanga Odoi, the Chairperson of the NRM Electoral Commission, that the Mbale results would be announced on October 4,


“I got my victory but you are trying to steal it in a hook or crook way, but I want to assure you that I have the power of the people,” she added.


Results from the poll which was conducted on September 4, have not been announced, following alleged corruption, violence and altering of results by the Sub County and Mbale District NRM Registrar.

Four candidates participated in the race, including; Nakayenze, the Incumbent, Lydia Wanyoto, the National Chairperson of NRM Women, Shadia Luwungule and Jalia Namasaba.

The major competition is between Nakayenze and Wanyoto, who all claim to have won.

Their wrangles made the Mbale District Resident Commissioner, Alhajji Suleiman Ogajjo Barasa together with NRM district registrar, Bonnie Wamunga to forward the declaration of the results to NRM to Electoral Commission.

Addressing the press recently, Oggajjo noted that the Commission was responsible for all the faults that happened because it was weak and corrupt.

While addressing the press shortly after the decision on September 7, Wanyoto who confidently thinks that she is the winner said she would not contest on an independent ticket in case she is defeated.

“I understand the values of the party and want to tell the country that I will not contest on an independent ticket if I am defeated,” she said adding;

“But according to the results from Mutoto and Bungokho, I am sure that I am the winner of this race unless otherwise,”

Last week, the NRM Elections Tribunal summoned Wamunga, the district registrar to answer the cases of fraud, corruption, bribery and altering of results, all which were allegedly witnessed during the polls

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