Futsal: Date For First Annual General Assembly Confirmed

The Futsal Association Uganda (FAU) has confirmed the date for this year’s Annual General Assembly.

The statement released on the FAU website revealed Saturday 12th September as the date for the first Annual General Assembly which will take place at Kenedia Hotel in Kampala.

Decolas Kiiza, the FUFA Deputy CEO in Charge of Football and FUFA Member Associations Officer Swalley Kenyi will represent the football governing body, FUFA.

This year’s Futsal Super League was halted following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to resume under Standard Operating Procedures provided the ban on the sports activities is lifted.

FAU AGM agenda not limited to:

• A declaration that the General Assembly has been convened and composed in compliance with the constitution of FAU.

• Consideration and approval of the agenda

• Appointment of the members to check the minutes.


• Appointment of scrutiniers.

• An address by the Chairman

• Suspension or expulsion of Members where applicable.

• Activity report containing activities of the previous calendar year (2019/2020) where applicable.

Privy to the above, the agenda may be altered provided three quarters of the members present who are eligible to vote agree to such a motion.

Additionally, the General Assembly shall not make any decision on any point not included on the agenda unless otherwise.

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