Fury As Mbabazi ‘Spies Infiltrate’ Kabale District Council

An altercation broke out on Monday afternoon inside the Kabale District Council room between the RDC Darius Nandinda, sick information pills the district vice chairperson Lydia Turyahumura and some councilors suspected to be covert supporters of Presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi.

The extraordinary meeting was called for approval of a new town council created in the district.

Addressing the well attended session, website like this the RDC Nandinda angrily attacked some of the NRM councilors who he said were secretly supporting the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and threatened to have all of them arrested.

“I know quite a number of you who are NRM members during the day and at night you are holding secret meetings with Mbabazi at his home,” raged the RDC.

“I have done my intelligence and I know all about those meeting, but I can guarantee that I will have you punished.”

The meeting however turned rowdy when Nandida referred to one of the said covert Mbabazi sympathizers Lydia Turyahumura [who is also the Council Vice Chairperson] as nothing more than a piece of sack.

Kabale District Vice Chairperson  Lydia Turyahumura
Kabale District Vice Chairperson Lydia Turyahumura

This highly incensed the councilors as Lydia demanded an immediate apology which the RDC declined.

She questioned why the RDC, a civil servant was involving himself in politics of the district.


Nandida said however, that in Kabale he is the President’s representative and presidents don’t apologise!

It took the intervention of the council speaker Pastoli Twinomuhangi and the district LC5 boss Patrick Keihwa to have calm restored in the room for business to proceed.

The meeting approved Ryakarimira as a new town council curved from Rubaya Sub County in Ndorwa West.

Ryakarimira, which will have four parishes, is hoped to improve service delivery according to the area MP David Bahati.



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