Full Speech: Pope Francis Commends Uganda’s for Welcoming Refugees

Police in Mbarara is hunting for a man who slaughtered her wife like an animal in Rwanyanyamahembe, ed Kakyerere in Kashari south constituency.

Richard Tukahirwa 22 a resident of Burebero Rubindi murdered his newly wedded wife Mariam Katushabe aged 18 and a resident of Karuyenje Rwanyamahembe in Kashari Mbarara.

SUSPECT: Richard Tukahirwa
SUSPECT: Richard Tukahirwa

Neighbors yesterday realized that it was approaching midday and the couple was not opening the house, which compelled them to break in to find the wife lying in a pool of blood.

Police break in the couple's house
Police break in the couple’s house

Her husband who is currently on the run hacked Katushabe severally with a machete. Police’s sniffer dogs tried to trail the suspected murderer by lost truck.

Residents told police that Tukahiirwa has on several occasions determined to kill his wife with whom they quarreled often over misunderstandings.

The couple has only wedded in the previous month, but according to locals, Tukahiira often complained that his wife was promiscuous.

His Holiness Pope Francis has gratefully commended the role that the government of Uganda has played in salvaging the lives of thousands people whom it has it welcomed as refugees from the troubled neighboring countries.

In his first address to the nation which he made at State House Entebbe shortly after arriving from Nairobi Kenya, online Pope Francis expressed gratitude that Uganda was leading by example in facing the refugee challenge that has become apparent world over.


Uganda which has been home to hundreds of thousands of refugees from the war-ravaged Southern Sudan, viagra buy Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, sildenafil recently opened its doors to thousands more from Burundi which is witnessing a bloody political upheaval.

Pope Francis welcomes by First Lady Janet Museveni at Entebbe Airport
Pope Francis welcomed by First Lady Janet Museveni at Entebbe Airport

According to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) a total of 15,139 refugees have arrived in Uganda since November 2014 and 50 per cent of them are children under the age of 18 years.

“In East Africa, Uganda has showed outstanding concern for welcoming refugees, enabling them to rebuild their lives, their security and dignity,” said Pope Francis at the State House meeting which was attended by several government officials and Church leaders from both the Catholic and Anglican sides.

“Our world today is caught up in wars, violence and many forms of injustice. This is witnessed in the unprecedented movement of people,” he said.

“How we deal with them is a test of our humanity, our respect for human dignity and above all our solidarity with our brothers and sisters.”

Efforts to save the refugees, as well as the poor, the sick and disadvantaged Pope Francis added, are the signs of the true soul of a people.

Pope Francis also paid a hearty tribute to the Uganda Martyrs who were murdered by the ancient Ugandan Kings for professing their Christian faith.

Pope Francis upon arrival at Entebbe
Pope Francis upon arrival at Entebbe

The Holy Father will tomorrow Saturday be presiding over at 50th anniversary to commemorate their canonization.

Citing the Uganda Motto, For God and My Country, Pope Francis observed that the [Martyrs] remind us of the importance that faith, moral attitude and commitment to the common good have played and continue to play to the economic and political life of this country.

“They also remind us that in spite of our different beliefs and convictions, all of us are called to seek the truth, to work for justice and reconciliation, and to respect, protect and help one another, as members of our one human family.

Despite being in the country only for an hour, the Pope hasted to comment about her breathtaking natural endowments, which he urged the people to jealously protect.

He noted, “Uganda has indeed been blessed by God with abundance of natural resources which you are challenged to administer as responsible stewards.”

“But above all the nation has been blessed with its people; its strong families, its young and its elderly”

The Pontiff will tomorrow be meeting with thousands of Ugandan youths at the Kololo Independence Grounds; a meeting he said he eagerly awaited.

“I look forward to my meeting with the young for whom I will have words of encouragement and challenge.”

“It’s important that they are given hope, opportunity for education and gainful employment,

The State House address was graced by among others Mama Maria Nyerere, the widow of late Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere, whom President Yoweri Museveni the host called the greatest African that has ever lived.



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