FULL SPEECH: Kenyatta Rejects Court Ruling, Calls for Peace

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, hours after the country’s Supreme Court ruled against his election victory, addressed the nation, rejecting the decision.

Mr Kenyatta said however, that while he disagreed with election results, he would respect the court judgement.

In the speech he also emphasized peace, stressing that he is not at war with his opponents.

Below is the slightly edited speech with translations.

Fellow Kenyans, let me begin by wishing you a great afternoon.

Second, which is most important, Let me ask every single Kenyan, wherever they may be, whatever they may be doing, whoever they may be with; take the hand of your brother, the hand of your sister and shake it and say Amani (peace). I will repeat….Peace!

Your neighbour will still be your neighbour regardless of whatever has happened. The man and woman who sits with you; who resides next to you shall still be your neighbour, regardless of their political affiliation, their religion, colour or their tribe.

My primary message today to every single Kenyan is peace. Let us be people of peace.

I take this opportunity also to say thank you to God, because it is God who has brought us thus far. It is he who has made us a people and enabled every single Kenyan to have moved from his/her home and peacefully stood in queues for many hours to make their choice.

Let me on a third instance say that it is important for us Kenyans to be respecters of the rule of law.

I personally disagree with the ruling that has been made today, but I respect it as much as I disagree with it.

I disagree with it because as I said, millions of Kenyans queued and made their choice, and 6 people have decided that they will go against the will of the people, despite the fact that you as Kenyans have decided and elected majority of Jubilee government, majority of Jubilee senators, a majority of Jubilee women representatives, a majority of Jubilee national assembly members; a majority of Jubilee members of country representatives.

The Court has made this decision; we respect it.

And again, fellow Kenyans, I say peace; because the fault is not yours. The fault is not yours. Your neighbour remains your neighbour and that is the person that is most important to you.

We are ready to go back again to the people with the same agenda; no change. Same agenda that we delivered to the people.

An agenda of unifying our country; an agenda of building our national party, an agenda to develop this nation. Tuko Tayari (We are ready).

Mine is to say that we are not at war with our brothers and sisters in the opposition because we are all Kenyans.

Nyinyi mjipange; sisi tutajipanga. Tuko Tayari kuongea na Wakenya, kuwaambia yale tunataka kujenga kwa wanainchi wa jamhuri yetu ya Kenya.

(Prepare yourselves and we shall do the same. We are ready to speak to Kenyans; to tell them what we want to build, for the citizens of this our republic.)

Wenzetu tafadhali, wacheni ukabila, wacheni mtengano, uza sera zenu. Ushindano nia zetu. Wacha Wakenya waamue.

(Colleagues please, stop tribalism. Stop divisionism. Sell your virtues. Competition is our will. Let the Kenyans decide).

Watu wachache, watano, wasita hawawezi wabadilishe nia ya wanaichi miliyoni arobaine. Hawawezi. Wakenya ndio wataamua and that is the nature of our democracy.

(A few people, five or six cannot change the will of 40 million citizens. They cannot. It is Kenyans who will decide and that is the nature of our democracy)

Kwahivyo wenzangu, Amani, Amani, Amani!

(Therefore colleagues; Peace, Peace, Peace!)

Umshike jerani yako mkono, umwambie, “hii ni vita ya wale, sisi ni kitu kimoja.”

(Shake your neighbor’s hand and tell them, “This is their fight. We are one.”

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