FULL LIST: Uganda’s Top Earning Gov’t Officials

Pressure is mounting on the Public Service Commission to address the widening salary disparities in government after it emerged that top officials in public institutions earn three-to-twenty two times more than their counterparts in other public institutions.

For example, pill Solicitor General earns about 9 per cent of the salary for Commissioner General in URA or 7 percent of what is earned by the Governor of the Central Bank.

The Chairperson of the Equal Opportunity Commission Sylvia Muwebwa Ntambi on Wednesday said if Uganda is committed to achieving its 2020 middle income status goal, viagra such income gaps have to be bridged.

Addressing press at the media center, Ntambi enumerated a number of dangers that come with wide salary disparities.

“Some of the direct consequences are absenteeism, low motivation to work, corruption and late coming which means they will not deliver services to the public as due,” she said.


The second batch of top earners
The second batch of top earners

“Ministry of Public Service should fast-track establishment of a Salary Review Commission to determine equitable remuneration for public servants and harmonization of the various salaries structures across the public service”.

The Equal Opportunities Commission recently observed that the disparities arose from provisions in the general guidelines for officers who are specified in the Constitution while others were special arrangements by Government aimed at attracting officers with special skills.


A review of the payroll of Specified Officers (SOs) who are appointed by the President and vetted by Parliament revealed significant disparities among the SOs with some earning six times more than their peer heads of institutions.

ChimpReports understands the average salary for the seventeen officers in this category was Shs 11.182 million and yet only six officers (35 percent) earned salaries above that average.

This was an indication of a wide skew upwards by the few officers.


Similarly, the difference (Shs 29 million) between the highest paid (Shs 36 million) and the least paid (Shs 6.7 Million) in such a small sample indicated wide disparities.

However, the salary structure for professionals in Judiciary and the Executive are designed to closely match the required professionalism in terms of qualification and experience.

The Chief Registrar, within the Judiciary, was at the scale of U1S, earning a monthly salary of Shs 4,804,800 which was equal to the counterpart in the Executive or Solicitor General.





The report said government of Uganda should take “deliberate efforts to review and rationalize” the pay structure.

“All Government remunerations should be determined in a rational way that reflects equity among the peers across the public service.”

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