FULL LIST: NITA –U Names e-Government Excellence Award Nominees

The National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (Nita-U) has unveiled the list of government ministries, departments and agencies that have been nominated for the inaugural E-Government Excellence Awards 2019.

The awards were launched last month with hope to enhance service delivery and innovation in government.

The award under the theme “Bold Digital Government: Unlocking Service Delivery”, is meant to identify government agencies actively and consistently providing online services to the public.

Last week, various MDAs converged at Garden City where they showcased, discussed and shared experiences about e-Government services.

The e-government awards are slated for Thursday this week at the Commonwealth Resort Hotel Munyonyo where various government MDAs will be recognized for their effort to ensure citizens can easily access government services electronically hence easing service delivery.

Below is the full list of Nominees


Government Website that offers user centric end-to-end online transactional services (easy for a user to start and finish a transactional without leaving the portal with fast response and interaction) in compliance with the NITA-U (E-Government Regulations) 2015 – SI No. 27 of 2015 and the Guidelines for Development and Management of Government Websites:



Kyambogo University

Uganda Registration Services Bureau

Makerere University

Uganda Revenue Authority

Kampala Capital City Authority



Government Website that offers enhanced information services (easy for a user to find and download forms, submit data online, updated information and interact with the entity) in compliance with the NITA-U (E-Government Regulations) 2015 – SI No. 27 of 2015 and the Guidelines for Development and Management of Government Websites:


Parliament of Uganda

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority

Uganda Police Force


Ministry of Information Communications Technology and National Guidance

Uganda National Bureau of Standards



Government Website that offers essential information services with updated content in compliance with the NITA-U (E-Government Regulations) 2015 – SI No. 27 of 2015 and the Guidelines for Development and Management of Government Websites:


Uganda Management Institute

Directorate of Public Prosecutions

Office of the Prime Minister

Education Service Commission

Office of the Auditor General



Local Government Website that offers essential information and is frequently updated in compliance with the NITA-U (E-Government Regulations) 2015 – SI No. 27 of 2015 and the Guidelines for Development and Management of Government Websites:


Masindi Local Government

Bulambuli Local Government

Buikwe Local Government

Mbarara Local Government




Recognizes Government Electronic Services that are the most innovative in transforming service delivery to Government, Citizens or Businesses in the following sectors (submitted by Government Entities):


Economic Infrastructure & Competiveness Sector:


  • National Supplier Database (Petroleum Authority of Uganda)

With over 1,700 entries registered, the system facilitates formation of joint ventures between Ugandan Companies and International Companies in the Oil & Gas Sector.


  • PDU E-transit Ladder (Uganda National Road Authority)

Since its roll out (2017/2018), 3,292 procurements have been initiated and tracked online. The solution has also built a work culture that makes the transition to the electronic Government Procurement System (eGP) almost seamless


  • Yaka (Umeme)

Over 700,000 citizens purchase power units hassle free over a variety of channels ranging from USSD to PoS Terminals. This similarly enhances collection since it’s a pre-paid service.


  • Certified Installation Permit Holder Online Verification (Electricity Regulatory Authority)

Verify persons and entities (at no cost)  licensed to carry out any electrical installation works on any premises such as homes, offices, shops, industries, schools, hospitals reducing incidents related to poor and dangerous installation works.


  • Computerized Driving Permit Application (Ministry of Works and Transport)

Application and renewal for driving permits processing has been reduced to within a day. Customers now spend less time during the application and renewal processes.


Tourism & Trade Sector:


  • Non-Tariff Barriers (NTB) Reporting System (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives)

Reporting of NTBs is real time (both via USSD & Web) through the system and linked to nine facilitating Government entities. Over 5,000 traders have used the system.


  • Electronic One Stop Center web portal (eBiz) – Uganda Investment Authority

A single point/one stop web-based application that makes it possible for potential investors to apply for government licenses, permits and certificates required to setup up investment projects in Uganda.


Education Sector:


  • E-Registration (Uganda National Examinations Board)

A secure, reliable and robust national examinations results management system for academic results and the attendant processes/services for all the levels handled by UNEB.


  • Integrated Information System (Ministry of Education and Sports)

There is significant reduction in time spent for schools’ related data collection, analysis, triangulation with third party data sources and provision of reports. Generation of reports is now faster.


  • Makerere University E-Learning Environment (MUELE)

The University is able to run distance learning courses and realised improved service delivery as all authorized users can access virtual Library resources anytime anywhere.


Health Sector:


  • Electronic Patients Records Management System (Uganda Cancer Institute)

The system has supported enhanced patient care at every other service point within the Institute as well as accountability and reporting.


  • Smart Care (National Medical Stores)

Offers real time visibility on all deliveries of essential medicine and medical supplies made to all Public Health Facilities in Uganda and enables all Public Health Facilities in Uganda to give feedback in real time on medicines and medical supplies delivered by NMS.



Human Development Sector:


  • External Employment Information System (Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development)

The system automates the labour externalization process by registering the details of individuals going abroad for work and licensed companies which recruit people going abroad for work as well as managing jobs of the registered companies. Time to get licensed reduced by over 85%


Accountability & Governance Sector:


  • Mobile Tax Payment Solution (Uganda Revenue Authority)

Taxpayers can now easily and efficiently pay their tax liability 24 hours a day by using their mobile devices, reducing the time and costs in payment activities like physical movement to URA offices and banks, hence eliminating obstacles to tax compliance.


  • NSSF GO (National Social Security Fund)

This service gives the member an opportunity to track the status of their benefit claim instantly as opposed to making a trip to any of the branches and queuing for service. Additionally, the service gives voluntary members an opportunity to register with NSSF instantly, a process that took 3 days initially.


  • Online Declaration System (Inspectorate of Government)

Over 20,000 Government leaders easily declare their assets and liabilities online in order to achieve transparency. The system eliminates the need to physically submit to IG offices.


  • Integrated Financial Management System (Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development)

With usage in over 250 Government entities, IFMS has improved timeliness and accuracy of management & financial reports with faster payment processing from a period of one month to a couple of days.



Public Sector Administration and Management Sector:


  • eLogRev (Ministry of Local Government)

Enables collection of revenues at selected Municipalities. Collected revenues are automatically computed and aggregated with strategic dashboard views for decision-making.


Justice, Law and Order (JLOS):


  • Business Registration System (Uganda Registration Services Bureau)

Since its introduction, there has been a reduction in turnaround time taken to register a business, from 30 days to 4 hours and instant name searches (online).




Recognizes the Head of IT in any Government Entity who has been exemplary in the delivery of their work and championed implementation of National ICT related Standards and Guidelines within their institutions (Submitted by Heads of IT in Government Entities).


  • Anselm Olweny

Principal Registry and Information Officer

Electricity Regulatory Authority

Instrumental in the digitization of ERA’s registry, records management, licensing and coordination of the implementation of the National Information Security Framework (NISF) in the Energy Sector as well as involvement in the development of the National Information Risk Register.


  • Daniel Kalibala

Head of Information and Communication Technology

National Drug Authority

Instrumental in the adoption of ICT to enhance NDA’s delivery timelines for premise licensing, inspection of pharmacies, import/export authorization as well as customs declarations and clearances.


  • David Etuket

Head ICT

National Housing and Construction Company

Instrumental in the design & implementation of the Company’s ICT Strategy which has led to 90% automation of its internal operation processes.


  • David Kikabi

Principal Information Technology Officer

The Judiciary, Uganda

Instrumental in the use of ICT as an enabler to support the administration of justice through the implementation of Digital Court Recording and Transcription System, Court Video Conferencing System & web-based court case administration system.


  • James Mubiru

IT Manager

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority

Instrumental in the use of ICT to enhance Car Park Management systems, automated departure passenger handling system, Air Service licensing as well as implementation of the National Information Security Framework in the Authority.


  • Joseph Kobushehe

Director Environment, Data Management and ICT

Petroleum Authority of Uganda

Instrumental in guiding the use of internal teams and resources to develop systems for the National Supplier Database and National Oil & Gas Talent Register which are key in promoting national participation in the Oil & Gas Sector.


  • Martin Sekajja

Head Information Systems

Kampala Capital City Authority

Instrumental in the design and implementation of the KCCA client transaction platform (e-Citie) which improved the Authority’s operations as well as contributed to Uganda’s enhanced global rating in ease of doing business ranking


  • Peter P. Wakabi-Waiswa, PhD

ICT Manager

Uganda National Examinations Board

Instrumental in the design and development of a reliable and robust national examinations results management system for academic results and the attendant processes/services for all the levels handled by UNEB.


  • Stephen Kisuze

Principal MIS Officer

National Medical Stores

Instrumental in supporting the use of ICT to support efficiency in the institution’s services in the areas of procurement, storage and distribution of essential medicines and related health supplies for Public Health Facilities countrywide.





Recognizes the outstanding exhibitor at the E-Government Expo 2019 considering branding, booth staffing and demonstration of exhibited services

  • Uganda Tourism Board
  • Petroleum Authority of Uganda
  • National Medical Stores
  • Uganda Revenue Authority
  • Ministry of Works and Transport
  • JLOS Secretariat



Recognizes the Government entity which is most compliant to Government of Uganda ICT Standards (Cyber security, ICT Approvals N7 process & Acquisition of Hardware & Software) in the delivery of its e-services:

  • Electricity Regulatory Authority
  • Ministry of Education and Sports
  • National Social Security Fund
  • Uganda Revenue Authority
  • National Medial Stores



The Government e-service voted by the public as the most useful/helpful in the citizens lives.  The list of e-services for this category was drawn from the top 10 most accessed e-services over the e-citizen’s web portal (

  • E-immigration System (Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control)
  • Online voter registration data (Electoral Commission)
  • E-cite (Kampala Capital City Authority)
  • Integrated Financial Management System (Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development)
  • External Employment Management Information System (Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development)
  • Online NWSC services (National Water and Sewerage Corporation)
  • NSSF E-services (National Social Security Fund)
  • UNEB E-Services (Uganda National Examinations Board)
  • E-Tax (Uganda Revenue Authority)
  • Online Business Registration Services (Uganda Registration Services Bureau)
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