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Full List: How Much Government Invested In Sports In 2018/2019

In the past, Sports was largely for fitness and entertainment. However, it has now become a big source of employment and income.

Sports unites everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, race, social status and others. It teaches ethics, discipline, fair play, pride, dignity and honor.

When President Museveni hosted Sports team early this year in his home county in Rwakitura, he admitted that government has in the past not fully focused on developments like sports.

He was quoted: “We have to plan and invest in sports because it touches majority of Ugandans.”

When President Hosted Sports Teams In Rwakitura. Courtesy Photo

Then, he pledged government’s commitment in providing a conducive sports environment in the country and directed the Ministry of Education and Sports to come up with a policy on physical education and sports which will help to tap and develop talents at a tender age.

It looked like a myth, until now. National Council of Sports has revealed that the government has invested over Sh2bn in Sports from July to September this year.

NCS Officials during the magazine launch

National Council of Sports (NCS) is a statutory organ whose establishment, status and powers are enshrined under Act of Parliament of 1964, to among other things; Develop, Promote and Control sports activities in Uganda on behalf of Government, under the Ministry of Education and Sports.

On Monday morning, in NCS’ press briefing held at Cooper Chimney in Lugogo, the body launched a Sports Magazine to highlight its achievements in relation to sports.


The magazine revelead Government subvention support to National Association for first quarter, July to September, for the financial year 2018-2019.

Front Cover: The first edition of the NCS magazine launched on Monday

In the three months period, Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) received about Sh1Bn while Uganda Rugby Union received Sh2M.

Speaking in light of this inequality, NCS’ Chairperson, technical committee, Hajji Zubair Galiwango, revealed: “As NCS, we request every Federation to submit their supplementart budget every beginning of the year, and it’s our mandate to react accordingly.”

He added that some sports federations have more events within that period than the others federations compared.

It should be noted that the Magazine, which is believed to be an initiative from NCS’ Coporate Affairs officer Ismail Dhakaba Kigongo, will be out every after three months.

Here is how much was invested:

Uganda Olympic Committee (3rd Africa Youth Games) – 88,480,000

Uganda Rugby Union (World Cup 7s) – 2,852,000

Uganda Woodball Federation (Woodball World Cup) – 18,900,000

Uganda Chess Federation (Africa Youth Championship) – 3,500,000

Uganda Woodball Federation (Woodball World Cup 2018 – Thailand) – 9,423,000

Uganda Boxing Federation (Budget Support) – 125,000,000

Uganda Netball Federation (Budget Support) – 375,000,000

Federation Of Uganda Basketball Association (Budget Support) – 247,900,000

Association of Uganda University Sports (Budget Support) – 125,000,000

Uganda Paralympic Committee (Budget Support) – 37,500,000

Uganda Athletics Federation (Budget Support) – 225,000,000

Federation of Uganda Football Association (Budget Suppprt) – 1,022,291,793

Uganda Rugby Union (Budget Support) – 48,500,000

Uganda Paralympic Committee (Support to Medalist David Emong) – 2,860,000

VX Uganda Limited (Annual V2 World Cup) – 10,000,000

Federation of Motorsports Uganda (FIM Motocross Africa Nations) – 20,000,000

Uganda Rugby Union (Officials travel for World Cup 7s) – 27,360,000

Uganda Woodball Federation (Tickets to travel for Thailand) – 122,253,600

Uganda Volleyball Federation (Grassroot development project) – 8,000,000

Uganda Darts Association (Participation at the International Darts Championship) – 3,000,000

Association of Uganda University Sports (World University Netball Championship) – 90,000,000

Uganda Kick boxing Federation (IKF Classic Boxing World Championship) – 6,293,700

Uganda Tennis Association (Support to David Oringa to travel to Germany for training) – 3,773,000

Uganda Archery Federation (National Independence Cup) – 26,000,000

Uganda Table Tennis Association (Officials Travel Facilitation) – 11,970,000

Uganda Athletics Federation (World Mountain Running Reception) – 1,100,000

Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FIBA 3*3 World Cup) – 150,000,000

Uganda Olympic Committee (Youth Olympic Games) – 42,075,000

Uganda Lady Golf Union (Air tickets to Accra) – 5,968,570

Uganda Athletics Federation (Transport back home from Mountain Running Championship) – 1,100,000

Federation of Uganda Motor Sports (6th Motor Cross Championship) – 5,000,000

Grand Total – 2,866, 100,653

*Figures correct as extracted from NCS magazine

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