Full Figure Speaks Out on Defaced Campaign Posters in Mbarara

Presidential advisor Nakangu Jennifer aka Full Figure has condemned the destruction of her campaign figures in Mbarara City.

Full Figure’s posters which has been set up at various points including the famous Mahembegente intersection were defaced by angry protesters, who said she not the right representative of the ruling NRM party.

The protesters also wondered why Full Figure was erecting campaign materials in a city she is not contesting in.

Commenting on the incident, Full Figure said the posters had not humiliated her but the NRM chairman, President Yoweri Museveni.

“The problem is not Full Figure being illiterate as you claimed in the video that you don’t need P2 drop out Advisor in your area; but it is this woman you claim to be illiterate (who is) doing things you did expect,” she said.

She further noted that Uganda “belongs to all people; educated and in educated, and people from all tribes.”

“I say no to tribalism let’s promote love and unity kulwa Katonda nensi yange.”

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