Full Figure Advises Chameleone to Back off 2021 Mayoral Seat

Outspoken singer Jennifer Nakanguubi better known as Full Figure has advised singer turned politician Jose Chameleone to consider stepping out of the 2021 mayoral bid.


Last week, the ‘Wale Wale’ singer was officially unveiled by Democratic Party as its flag bearer in the 2021 Kampala city mayoral elections.


This was met by mixed reactions from the public with some supporting his decision while others blatantly rejecting it.


Full Figure has revealed that much as she loves Chameleone as a friend and fellow singer, she will not be voting for him in the elections.



“I am going to vote for Erias Lukwago. I am basing my vote on competence and not solidarity as a musician or because someone is my friend or boyfriend.

We should vote for competence so we can drive our country forward.” She said.


She however, acknowledged that its Chameleone’s right as a Ugandan to contest for whatever post he wishes but continued to advise him to target seats filled with “incompetent” people.


“Chameleone is great, I have no issues with him and I want him to contest for Mukono MP.


I have a reason why I can’t remove Lukwago from the mayoral seat of Kampala city. Lukwago has been working amidst several challenges but right now, he has been freed.


This means that he is going to work on so many things. We should give him that chance. Let Chameleone go to a position filled with an incompetent person.”

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