Fufa Release 2017 Electoral Road Map

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) have released a detailed electoral programme ahead of the highly anticipated 2017 Polls.

The electoral road map was released by Chairman Fufa Electoral committee, ambulance on Wednesday during a press briefing at Fufa house in Mengo, Kampala.

The road map slated to run between April to August 2017 will cover four stages that include the District Football Associations (DFAs), Regional Football Associations (RFA), Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the Fufa Executive.

Fufa CEO, Edgar Watson revealed that an eight man committee with two substitutes was put in place to monitor and observe the electoral process.

“The Fufa Executive committee proposed a new electoral commission in September last year and it was passed in the 92nd Fufa assembly held in Luweero on the 22nd October 2016,” he said.

The committee includes:

Sam Bakika (Chairman)
Yusuf Awuye(Vice chairman)
Julius Ssemanda
Egole Michael
Kintu Geoffrey
Stanley Kinene
James Okodi
Habib Aluma
Adupa John



Phillip Opira
Fred Tamale

Road Map

District Football Associations

The electoral process started on 10th April with the display of voters register and picking of nomination forms in District Football Association category. The process will run up to 20th April before the declaration of candidates on 26th.

According to Bakika, the voting will be conducted on 29th April across the 85 Fufa districts.

Region Football Associations

Fufa has eight football regional groups constituted of members from district football associations.

The regional electoral process will start with the registration process between 3rd-8th May. Thereafter the voters register shall be displayed between 9th-12th May.

The voting will be done between 18th-20th May.

Special interest groups

The special interest groups include Referees, coaches, women,ex internationals,schools among others.

At this stage, those voted fron the district and regional category will contest to determine those that will take part in the National assembly.

The registration process will be between 26th-29th May then the declaration of those intending to take up positions will be declared on 2nd June.

The polling date has been scheduled for 5th June.

Fufa Executive

The FUFA executive committee comprises of members from the general assembly.

Registration process will be done between 10th-14th June then the display of the voters register.

Willing candidates for the position the Fufa President will pick forms on the 25th and the confirmation by the electoral commission will be done on 23rd June.

The voting date for the President has been set on 5th May during the Fufa General assembly that wil take place in Masandi District.

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