Fufa ‘reconciles’ with UPL Clubs

By Joshua Nahamya

President Museveni has lost the grip in the governance of Uganda which he has ruled with the help of guns and money, malady stomach leaving Ugandans sick in need of a psychological liberation, see the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Gen. Mugisha Muntu, has said.

Gen. Muntu, the former army commander made remarks while speaking to FDC leaders and supporters  in greater Bushenyi districts of Bushenyi, Sheema, Mitooma, Rubirizi and Buhweju who convened at Homeland Hotel Ishaka in Ishaka Municipality on Wednesday.

He had come to unveil a party road map in preparations for 2015/16 elections and strengthening party structures.

Muntu explained that after 29 years in power, president Museveni and NRM have lost trust among Ugandans and they are using money, army and threatening speeches to rule Uganda, meaning the country is currently on the edge.

“Museveni is using cash from the Bank of Uganda which is being handed to people and this has given him 70-80 percent support. I wonder what will happen when people can no longer get money,” said Muntu.

“He uses the same money to pay intelligence officials who go about getting information for him. For example, a lot of money was wasted during the Namboole delegates’ conference where participants were given Shs500,000 each. Time will come when he will no longer get the money and they will all run away from him,” Muntu said.

The NRM did not disclose its sources of funds for the 2014 National delegates Conference. However, officials maintain that the party has its internal mechanism of resource mobilisation to run its activities.


Muntu confessed that for the last 10 years, FDC has not been active in strengthening the grassroot party structures because of limited financial resources.

“But this is the time to do the needful and perform to the best,” he counselled.

He asked party members to tighten their belts, walk from house to house, and do effective mobilization at the parish as well as at the sub-county level rather than concentrating on the top office.

Muntu encouraged FDC party supporters to put in their time, money and strength to ensure grass bottom-top approach which will see the party get Local council governments of LC 1, 11,111 and V to be rest assured of getting leadership at the top.

Owing to the fears among supporters that Muntu was sent by Museveni to disorganize FDC, the former NRA combatant clarified that he made his mind and left Museveni’s NRM at once and there are no hopes of getting back to the ruling party.


“We were at Kyankwanzi and we advised Museveni not to tamper with the constitution and he refused to listen to us. That’s when I left him, never to turn back. I will never support Mr. Museveni and I mean it,” charged Muntu.

“I am aiming at strengthening the party structures so that they can grow and when time comes, supporters will choose who to lead the party and compete with Museveni. As a party, we are practicing democracy. I will support whoever Ugandans thinks can win Museveni because I believe there’s always a winner and a loser,” Muntu explained

The FDC party president assured the supporters that the embattled Gen. Sejusa is not part of FDC because he is still in Uniform much as he has publically denounced Museveni’s regime.

He added that they don’t want the army in politics because NRA was changed to UPDF to become a people’s force and those who are in uniform should not be identified with political parties.

“We are not working with Sejusa because he is still in uniform. The army is supposed to defend the country with its constitution by ensuring complete transition to a people’s force and act professionally. We shall receive Sejusa’s support after retiring but even the problem is that Museveni is denying him to retire,” Muntu added.

Speaking at the meeting, the Bushenyi district FDC secretary general, Mr. Paul Kahiigi  encouraged party supporters not to give up because “what we have been cooking is about to get ready.”

Kahigi said, “At this time when Museveni is already defeated you should not give up because the struggle has just caught fire. Rally behind the party leaders and strengthen the party at the local grounds and with this, we shall take the government.”


order ‘sans-serif’; color: #141823;”>The 16 clubs that participate in the Uganda Premier League (UPL) have cooled down threats to suspend the league over new broadcast company Azam TV being stopped from broadcasting live matches if a communication from Fufa is to be believed. 

buy ‘sans-serif’; color: #141823;”>This development comes after Azam TV was stopped from broadcasting live league games last week because of the standing Court order obtained by the Uganda Super League Limited (USLL) to stop all transactions and operations concerning the new deal with the Tanzanian company. Early this month the Fufa terminated a running contract with SuperSport through USLL and later signed a US$1.9 million contract with Tanzania based Azam TV for a three and a half period.

order ‘sans-serif’; color: #141823;”>Fufa Spokesman Ahmed Hussien in a statement to media reveals the local football governing body and its members (the clubs) met on Thursday evening and agreed to continue with the fixtures of the league as scheduled.

Azam TV have already paid each of the 16 teams in the league about US$8,000 to meet part of their operational expenses.
Azam TV have already paid each of the 16 teams in the league about US$8,000 to meet part of their operational expenses.

The federation also says clubs confirmed that they will join Fufa to challenge the court process that has affected the start of the live TV broadcast of Uganda Premier League. This means today’s league fixtures involving Entebbe vs Express FC in Bugonga, Lweza vs BUL FC, Sadolin Paints vs Vipers FC and Simba FC vs Police FC are set to be honored.

The Secretary of the Fufa Super League (FSL), Richard Omongole early this week announced that the clubs had resolved that they will suspend the league if the matches are stopped from being live on TV. As a result, two Tuesday games (Bright Stars-Kira and Soana-URA) that were scheduled to take place did not happen after the clubs in question boycotted them.

The clubs were also protesting Fufa’s move to take charge of the league and subsequent suspension of Fufa Super League (FSL) clubs’ chairman Abbas Kaawaase. ChimpSport is yet to know if Kaawaase’s fate was also discussed even though the FCC headed by Mr. Geofray Ojok Odur had set 27th of Feb 2015 as the day to sit and look into the case.

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