Frustrated Officers Should Leave Police – Kasingye

Police Officers feeling frustrated or under duress at their work have been advised by police spokesperson Asan Kasingye to immediately quit the force.

Kasingye made the call on Monday during the weekly news conference while answering a question in relation to handling of Old Kampala students, who were shot at by police as they protested on Friday.

“I don’t know what exactly happened but it was wrong to use live bullets against the unarmed students,” Kasingye said.

On Friday Old Kampala students protested against the transfer of the school Headmistress prompting police to fire bullets that injured one student.

Over the weekend, parents of the victim blamed police over using “excessive force” in quelling unarmed students.

Asked whether it was due to frustration that some of the police officers act that way while on duty, the police mouthpiece dispelled this as baseless.

“Those frustrated should hand over the guns and uniform and leave the force. We should not have people to serve by force.”

The police publicist said there are procedures followed while handling such situations, adding that use of live ammunition only comes when the protesters are armed.

Officers, he said, should always use legal, necessary, proportional and indiscriminate force in such situations other than use of bullets.

“We have capacity to stop such demonstrations using batons and teargas. Live bullets should be the last resort when all other methods have failed and the rioters are armed,” Kasingye advised.

The Inspector General of Police, Gen.Kale Kayihura recently said police had replaced the use of teargas with batons in quelling demonstrations.

The police boss while commenting on brutality meted on Dr.Kizza Besigye’s supporters said teargas affects even those not involved in the demonstrations, hence police opting for beating.

The Kampala Metropolitan Area police spokesperson Emilian Kayima identified PPC Michael Magambo as the officer who shot and injured the students.

“He was arrested and investigations are ongoing by Professional Standards Unit and KMP police,” Kayima noted.

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