French, US Ambassadors Join in Women’s March Protest

Hundreds of people on Saturday morning poured onto the streets of Kampala to protest against the incessant murders of women, and the lack of adequate action by the authorities.

The protest daubed “One Million Women’s March” kicked off at the Centenary Park along Jinja Road.

The protesters, many donning black t-shorts with names and images of women who were murdered in parts of Kampala, Wakiso and other regions in recent months, walked the streets chanting “Women Lives Matter, Protect Women Now.”

The protest was also embraced by men, some of who came dressed in female attire. Other Protesters showed up with their daughters, to drive the point home.

Some of the protesters came with their babies

Among the protesters was US Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac and the French Ambassador Stephanie Rivoal.

Ambassadors Deborah Malac and Stephanie Rivoal join in the Women’s March Protest

The march, which was organized by the head of the Women’s Protest Working Group Dr Stella Nyanzi, under Chapter Four Uganda, was at first blocked by police.

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola claimed in response to the organizers’ request, that the march was unnecessary because the concerns to be raised therein were already being addressed by government.


Dissatisfied, Mrs Nyanzi decided on Thursday to petition the Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo asking him to rescind the IGP’s decision.

He did.

On Friday, Police granted permission to the protest, urging the group to desist from criminal acts during the march.

The protestors are expected to convene later in the afternoon at the Railway Grounds where the main event will be held


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