Free-Lancers Urged To Position Themselves Better In order To Monetize Their Digital Influence

At the onset of the internet revolution during yester-years, it was unheard of someone referring to him/herself as a digital marketer or online journalist largely because the available communication platforms were traditionally channels for passive inter personal communication.

However, with the sporadic proliferation and huge influence of digital platforms especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a considerable number of companies both local and foreign as a necessity, have been forced to re-align their policies to suit their customer’s demands, many of whom are millennials or people born in the 21st century.

Also cognizant of the internet’s adverse potential, companies are continuously turning to the web for solutions to their communication and marketing challenges.

In line with this, local digital influencers have been tipped on the best business practices at a workshop that was held today at Hivecolab, Kanjokya Street in Kampala.

Addressing participants at the monthly freelancers networking night that ran under the mantra “monetizing your digital influence”, Jeff Ekongot the guest speaker advised participants to work towards growing their digital influence with intent to tapping into vast opportunities that lie on the web. According to Ekongot, it makes no sense having a purposeless huge following.

However for this to happen, he says, professionals need to have a clear understanding of underlying dynamics that he says play a critical role in determining one’s fortunes in this domain.

Ekongot says  a considerable number of companies do not merely fall for one necessarily basing on his following but also consider its tailored potential to their campaign as well.

“It is always important to package. You need to know whether you are a micro or mega influencer. But also, you must discover whether you are a celebrity, analyst, expert or a personal brand”, he says.


This he says helps one package him/herself better.

Besides this, Ekongot also advises freelancers to develop an inventory that consists of their personal biography and scope of services that they offer for better positioning.

“Whatever identity you use, you need to include it in the media kit. To deliberately make money you need to productize yourself taking a summary of who you are and what you do”, he adds on.

Ekongot also advises that influencers develop a rate sheet that takes stock of their talent fees and service charges visa vis each digital platform among other precincts. This he says, is the only way freelancers can avoid broad day light exploitation.

It should be noted that, application of quantitative methods like big data and marketing technology has dominated the collective mind-space of marketers in recent years owing to voluminous internet user’s majority of who are potential clients to both burgeoning and established companies.

Locally as of June last year, an estimated 18,502,160 Ugandans were using the internet according to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) post, telecommunications market and Industry Quarterly report of 2018.

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