Frank Tumwebaze Nominated for MP Kibale East; To Root for More Social Services

The Minister of Gender Labor and Social Development, Frank Tumwebaze has been duly nominated to continue representing the people of Kibale East County in Parliament.

The Minister was Monday given a green light by the NRM Electoral Commission Chairman, Prof. Tanga Odongi.

“Glad to announce to my constituents, nominators, seconders, supporters, friends and all well-wishers that I have been dully nominated today (10 August) by Prof Tanga Odoi, the Chairman of NRM electoral commission to contest for the Kibaale East county Parliamentary seat,” said Tumwebaze after the nomination.

Tumwebaze thanked his constituents and briefly touched of developments made in the last four years when the county was created.

“I wish to thank you my constituents for the support and assurances given so far. Four years ago, our newly created constituency didn’t have good service coverage of mainly water and electricity. We now have good coverage rates of water, electricity and telecommunications,” said Tumwebaze.

Adding: “It’s my aspirations to ensure that in the next term we achieve 100% water coverage in all villages and also complete the electricity extension schemes in the pipeline to areas not yet covered like Ntonwa, Kyakeitaba, Biguli and other areas. Other Busy commercial trading centers will continue to be prioritized.”

He noted that four years ago, Kibale County had only two government-aided secondary schools. In his term, the county has got two more fully functional secondary schools (Bwizi and Bihanga).

Bwizi secondary school has meanwhile been given a state of the art infrastructure worth Shs 2.5b shillings by the government.


A number of new primary schools have also been built in the last four years including Damasiko, Kamusenene, New Eden, Munyuma, Mukukuru, among others and many more are expected to be created at parishes/wards in the new sub-counties and town councils.

Also in the last four years a Heath Centre IV facility has been constructed at Bisozi in addition to other Health centre III in Kabingo being upgraded.

“Kabingo Health Center III will be fully equipped in this term. Together, with fellow district leaders we followed up the fulfillment of a district hospital presidential pledge  for Kamwenge district  and Rukunyu hospital  was accordingly given the requisite infrastructure, personnel, logistics and funding,” said Tumwebaze.

He is also credited for establishing numerous personal initiatives in the constituency and using support from lobby networks of friends that have changed the lives of the people in his constituency.

“I wish to thank immensely Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the NRM government for all the good policy initiatives that have helped to spur growth and inclusive development. We shall all give Mzee Wakazi overwhelming support,” he said.

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