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France, Uganda Finalise Deal to Train UPDF on Mountain Warfare

The governments of Uganda and France have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for military training, site http://cooperativenet.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/attach_to_post/templates/no_display_type_selected.php Chimp Corps report, order http://congresopuebla.gob.mx/buscadores/iniciativas/include/php/idanteriortags.php

This was during ceremony that took place at the Ministry of Defence Headquarters in Mbuya on Friday.

The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs of Uganda, http://colonialpropertygroup.com/components/com_k2/helpers/permissions.php Hon Adolf Mwesige signed on behalf of Uganda while the French Ambassador to Uganda, Sophie Makame signed for her country.

Under this new agreement, the French government will start training the UPDF on Mountain warfare or similarly rough terrain.

This type of warfare is also called Alpine warfare and its one of the most challenging operations as it involves combat in difficult terrain with usually extreme weather conditions.

Speaking at the Ceremony, Hon Adolf Mwesige reechoed the significance of this training to the UPDF.

“Alpine warfare is associated with challenges of lightening, strong winds, rock falls, snow pack, ice, extreme cold, the slow pace of troops and materiel movement, difficult medical evacuation among others which constitute a major threat to combat. Hence this training will equip the UPDF with viable skills to overcome such challenges,” said the Minister.

He added that, in Uganda, Mountain ranges are of strategic importance since some of them such as the Rwenzori offer a natural border.


He also said the mountains have offered avenues for insecurity.

Mweisge and Makame sign the military partnership deal
Mweisge and Makame sign the military partnership deal

“We have had insurgencies associated with the mountainous areas of Uganda and training UPDF in such landscape operations is very strategic and fundamental,” the Minister emphasized citing the Allied Democratic Forces.

President Museveni recently met with French military instructors in Rwenzori during the initial preparations for the training.

Museveni said the area remains a tourism hub which needed reinforced security.


Meanwhile, Mwesige thanked the French government for the continued cooperation with the Uganda government on many fields aimed at building and maintaining of peace and security in the Country and the region.

He noted that without peace and stability there can’t be any type of development in a country and therefore the gesture of assistance given on training the UPDF alpine units is important.

Ambassador Makame thanked UPDF for being one of the first partners with France to receive this type of training which clearly indicated Uganda’s ability to strengthen and support security in the region.

She said France has expert knowledge in mountains operations because of the vulnerability it has from the Alps Mountains just like Uganda has Mt Rwenzori and Mt Elgon.

The occasion was graced by the Ministry of Defence senior officials and the French Defence Attaché Lt Col George Jacono.

France is one of the key partners to Uganda in not only fields of military training but also other forms of support under cooperation in Defence, aimed at  ensuring national and regional peace and stability.

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