Fr. Gaetano Wants Pay Cuts for Ugandan MPs, Ministers to Fight Covid19

The outspoken priest of Kitanga Catholic Parish in Kabale, Rev Gaetano Batanyenda has called on Ugandan government leaders to follow in the footsteps of their counterparts in other countries, by making sacrifices to support government’s efforts in combating Coronavirus.

Fr Gaetano, who is also the chairperson of the Inter- Religious Council in Kigezi, on Tuesday wondered why Ugandan Mps and Ministers have not resolved to have their salaries cut to facilitate the anti-Covid19 campaign as has been the case is several other countries.

“In most other countries including the neighbours Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Rwanda, the Mps and ministers have willingly sacrificed in kindness full or part of their salary (temporary) to the government to help the people who are stuck in their homes with no food, no rent funds, no electricity funds,” he said.

“Other leaders and football players have willingly sacrificed a huge salary and wage cut to fight the corona virus war together. Our Ugandan Mps and ministers, we know it’s a general problem but what have you sacrificed willingly? Or you are still busy discussing bill boards, stickers and a share on COVID-19 money?”

Just yesterday, it was announced in neighbouring Rwanda that all Cabinet Ministers and Permanent Secretaries will have to surrender their monthly salary to fight the epidemic.

With now more than 50 confirmed cases of Covid19 and no significant progress made in assessing the community spread of the virus, Uganda could be facing an uphill task of containing and mitigating the scourge in the months to come.

Government so far has released over Shs 150billion to the Health Ministry to fight the spread.

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