Four Pull Out From Age Limit Appeal

Four of the people who had appealed to the Supreme Court challenging parts of the Constitutional Court judgement on the constitutional amendment which removed the presidential age limit have withdrawn from pursuing this appeal.

Prosper Busingye, Herbert Mugisha and two others through their lawyer James Byamukama announced their withdraw saying they had been asked by their colleagues to pull out having made a finding that they achieved a lot from the Mbale judgement.

These added that they were not forced by anyone and neither did they receive any payment to withdraw from this case.

“After concluding the Age limit case in Mbale, we received a heroic welcome in our villages but on hearing that we had filed an appeal in the Supreme court, people advised us to withdraw because continuing with it could appear diversionary, since the Electoral commission has started  the road map for 2021 Elections,” Busingye one of the petitioners

Busingye noted that one of their aims to petition the constitutional court was to inspire ordinary citizens to participate in political affairs of their country and that this was achieved since they were not so popular prior to the case.

He added that the arbitrary extension of MPs and LC chairpersons’ term in office without engaging voters was nullified, which he said was satisfying.

He also said the constitutional court demonstrated independence and capacity to defend the constitution.

Their lawyer James Byamukama revealed that the other reason for backing off was because of lack of cohesion among the rest of the petitioners.


He said lack of cooperation among them left the matter of restoration of term limits not properly decided.

“We filed a notice of withdrawal which is currently before the Attorney General awaiting his endorsement. After this it will be lodged to the Supreme Court for formal withdrawal”

Byamukama further asked other petitioners to think twice in perusing this Supreme Court appeal since it involves a lot of political issues which cannot be solved in court

The Supreme Court last month called upon all appellants to appear before it on 7th November to agree on a number of issues.

Now the remaining appellants in the case are Kassim Male Mabirizi, Uganda Law society and MPs led by former leader of Opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza.

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