Four Charged for Making Pig Offal Sausages

City hall grade one magistrate Moses Nabende has charged four people who were arrested in Mutundwe on Sunday for making sausages from pig offal.

These four are Daniel Ochieng, Eldrine Damba, Godfrey Kiiza and Brian Kyagulanyi who all pleaded guilty and the magistrate fined them Shs. 250,000 each.

The magistrate said the sentence was to serve as a lesson to them and to deter other would-be offenders.

These were arrested on Sunday with rotten and dirty pig offal which neighbors said they were using in making sausages which they sold at various outlets.

Residents were angered at the offenders for selling awful food to all people of all religious denominations.

Prosecution led by Elijah Iradukunda states that the four convicts on July 3rd 2017 at Mutundwe Lubaga division in Kampala district did cause a nuisance to exit by causing foul smell from pig’s offal and discharging bad waste waters into the public which is dangerous and injurious to the persons living there.

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