Formula 1, Premiership Games Steal Show At The Annual Blankets & Wine

It was not business as usual last night at Blankets & Wine as Formula 1 and the Premiership matches stole all the ‘limelight’ at the 22nd episode of the annual ‘Blankets and Wine’ event.

In all the other past episodes, city slay queens have been the usual source of attention at the picnic style event which takes place throughout the year at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Andrew Mwenda at the event

At first glance, the crowds were sprinkled all around the venue, strolling and taking sun-kissed pictures until attention was turned to the Johnnie Walker tent.

With eyes glued to the screen, fans watched Formula 1 and later a Premiership match between Manchester United and Chelsea, that made them almost forget that they had gone to party.

The tent was a hive of action as fans of Formula 1 were treated to a live feed of the Azerbaijan Formula 1 race and premiership matches that had revelers glued to their seats with just echoes of cheers and grumbles resounding throughout the tent.

South Africa’s Shekinah performing
King Saha entertaining fans

“We wanted to do something different this time around. Get the guys out and I am more than happy that we managed to lure them out” said Roger Agamba International Spirits Brand Manager, UBL.

A one Godfrey Nsubaga said that by the time the game between Manchester United against Chelsea started, he never wanted to do anything else neither deviate his attention from the game that ended in 1-1 draw.

Mwenda having a word with lady at the event

The Johnnie Walker tent also featured a silent disco that kept the beautiful ladies occupied as the gents paid much attention to the matches being showed in giant screens.

Ladies enjoying the moments at the event

The event also featured Silent Discos and performances from South Africa’s Shekinah, Uganda’s King Saha, Myko Ouma, Joseph Sax, Lamu, legendary Sammy Kasule and mixes from DJ crim among others.

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