Former Minister Bagaine Roots for Cooperative Banking

Shem Bajura Bageine, the former State Minister for East African Affairs has said that there is need for government to reinstate Cooperative Banking in Uganda as a way of promoting saving culture by average Ugandans.

Bagaine said when cooperative banking system is improved in the country through the support of the government, the average Ugandan including farmers will be motivated to embrace the culture of saving that will improve the household income of Ugandans in the long run.

Bageine was on Saturday speaking at the launch of Kigongi Lyamujungu Cooperative Branch that was organized at Police Barracks Playgrounds in Kigongi, Kabale municipality.

Bageine also asked people avoid unexpected expenditures and embrace saving if they are to fight poverty in the country saying that where expenditure is not planned, it affects the economic planning of an individual which eventually leads to poverty.

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