Former LOP Winnie Kiiza Hailed for Making Bold Decision to Join ANT

Former Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza has today been hailed for taking a “bold decision” to join the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Party.

These remarks were made by ANT Presidential Flag Bearer Gen Mugisha Muntu at her grand unveiling that was held in Kampala on Wednesday.

Speaking at the event, Muntu extolled Kiiza for being principled, an attribute that he said the ANT espouses.

“Your choice to come to ANT definitely is aligned with that because you cannot make such a decision unless you are value driven,” he said.

Muntu also praised Kiiza for following her conscience when she took a decision to retire from elective politics.

He pointed out that akin to many politicians, Kiiza could have reneged on that commitment if she wanted but chose to stand by her own words.

“You had not made a public announcement but you had met with about ten or twenty elders and told them you would not be returning. Even if you had run most likely the public wouldn’t have known because that information was privy to a few people,” Muntu noted.

While the party has received a handful of defecting legislators, Muntu retorted those that have joined them are phenomenal and well-grounded.


“That makes you four, but you are four of a nature, battle hardened in politics, in constituencies where I know that you can easily be found,” he disclosed.

So far the Party has managed to attract seasoned politicians in Kassiano Wadri, Paul Mwiru and now Winnie Kiiza, all from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

In addition, they were joined by Independent leaning Ntungamo Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Gerald Karuhanga.

On her part, Winnie Kiiza thanked FDC for their support in her political endeavours.

“I served in various capacities as a District Chairperson FDC Women’s League, FDC District Vice Chairperson Kasese Office and FDC Deputy Mobilization Secretary Western Uganda. I played my part,” she applauded.

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