Former Juma Seiko Bodyguard Gets 35 Years in Jail for Murder

High Court judge Flavia Anglin Senoga has sentenced Alex Cherotic, a former bodyguard to Lt Col Juma Seiko to 35 years in jail after convicted him of murdering two people

The judge ruled that Cherotic as a former UPDF officer should have known not to behave so recklessly.

The convict is said to have shot the victims who had brought a person at his boss’s home without giving them a chance to explain themselves

According to prosecution, on 4th December 2016 at Major Seiko’s residence in Nakasero Hill, Cherotic used a gun to kill Lameck Ogwang and Fred Sembatya.

He also injured one David Senkubuge and Solomon Mugabi in the shooting.

“Although he is a first time offender court needs to send a strong message to the public that guns should not be misused to kill innocent people,” the judge ruled.

She therefore sentenced him to 35 years on the counts of murder and 25 years for the two counts of attempted murder

The state Prosecution had asked court to grant the convict a deterrent sentence of not less than 40 years, on grounds that he was a trained person with a gun who should have thought twice before taking away people’s lives.


” My Lord the convict deserves a deterrent sentence so as to keep him away from the society since he can’t control his temper and doesn’t have respect to human life” submitted the state.

Defense counsel Kumbuga Richard however asked court for a lenient sentence because he is a first time offender with a family to look after

On his part, Cherotic asked for forgiveness for the incident.

” I pray that court substitutes the 40 years which was asked for by the state with 30 years so that I can have a chance to catch up with my family that I left behind” he begged.

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