Forgive Junior Police Officers’ Brutality – Gen Tumukunde

Minister of Security Gen Henry Tumukunde has urged the public to always be understanding of the situation of lower rank police officers, especially when they appear to use excessive force while conducting arrests.

The officers, he said, are simply carrying out orders from their seniors above them and they have no other choice.

The minister termed this as “Order ya Mwisho” or the final order, which he said all serving officers have to be prepared for at all times.

Minister Tumukunde was speaking in light of the dreadful arrest of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago last Thursday at his home in Wakaliga.

The mayor yesterday filed a complaint before the Ugandan Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

The commission condemned as embarrassing and demeaning, the arrest Lukwago who was unarmed and didn’t resist.

Gen Tumukunde, while speaking to NBS this morning, said the Lord Mayor’s arrest was condemnable.

He said however that junior police officers in such cases have no option and that it is no use trying to argue with them.

“I my self have been arrested. When they came for me, I did not resist. I let them take me, and was arraigned before court for several days,” he said.

The minister however said the cruel arrests like that of the Lord Mayor, most times depend on the arresting officers’ training, the kind of orders they have and their levels of exposure.

In such cases, he said, police and security officers make efforts take them for refresher training to make their response better.

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