Foreign Workers Urged to Use Licenced Companies


The permanent secretary in the ministry of gender labour and social development Mr. Pius Bigirimana has called on Ugandans that seek work abroad, especially to Middle East to use only the licensed companies.

Bigirimana warned Ugandans who move to the Middle East on their own through, who he said are about to meet challenges and fail to get help.

According to the PS, the ministry is working on listing and publicising all companies that are certified to get jobs for Ugandans abroad, and also providing pre – departure orientation for all that are leaving.

On top of that, he added that the ministry if following up on agreements countries where most Ugandan youths seek employment to make sure that the working conditions there are fair.

Speaking at the Buganda kingdom women conference at Hotel Africana, Bigirimana also called on those that cannot travel abroad to make use of the various government programs such as the Youth Livelihood Fund and the Women Fund both of which are overseen by his ministry.

He added that government has recently eased on the requirements for beneficiaries of these programs, such as the recent decision by government to cut the minimum required number of group members to five.


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