Foreign Affairs: No Country Can Reject Our EAC e-Passports

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured Ugandans who are using the new Ugandan East African Community (EAC) Electronic Passport that it is a legitimate document that cannot be rejected in any country worldwide.

In December 2018, Uganda launched its first EAC e-Passports and ever since, over 19000 of them have been issue.

Early this month, there was shock when news came out that 2 Ugandans had been denied visas to Denmark at the Danish Embassy in Nairobi because their e-passports were not recognised by the Danish Government.

The Assistant Directors for Citizenship and Immigration Control, MFA Marcelino Bwesigye however, explains that the issue was never a case of rejection but the two persons were only deferred until they got clearance from the Danish Embassy.

“Our e-passports have been used in all other countries and no one has registered any other complaint apart from that one incident. The case of Denmark is only a matter of a delayed process” he said.

This was during a press conference held yesterday to caution Ugandans against dubious website issuing the e-passports.

Jacob Siminya, the PRO Foreign Affairs Ministry added that Uganda and Denmark are sovereign countries and have no issues between them.

“Denmark is a sovereign country and we cannot dictate on them how long they should take to process and officially enter our e-passports in their systems. However, the Denmark embassy already made an official call to government asking for more time to finalize the process of clearing the Ugandan new e-passport,” he said

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