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Follower Drowns in Lake Being Baptized

Business at the Old Taxi Park in Kampala this afternoon came to a standstill as a fight between a group of drivers backing TAPSCOM and those backing UTRADA erupted leaving scores admitted at Mulago Hospital with severe injuries whereas others were arrested by Police.

The two taxi operators associations have for long been involved in a heated struggle for leadership in the city’s transport business.

The scuffle was triggered by a group of muscular men that stormed the KCCA office located at the Taxi Park seeking to take over operations there.

In retribution, link the taxi drivers that were around the park mobilized themselves and headed to the office to foil the takeover. This is when the heavy fighting started.

A section of the taxi drivers that spoke to this website attributed the chaos to a top police official at the Central Police Station in Kampala for having planned the entire move.

The drivers claimed that the attackers were brought by Kampala Metropolitan Community Liaison Officer, Anatoli Muleterwa who they also accuse of providing them with immunity from being arrested.

“It’s unfair for a senior police officer who is charged with the mandate to protect Ugandans and their property to connive with such people to cause ruckus,” one driver was heard saying.

Police commanded by Kampala South RPC, James Ruhweza came in and calmed the situation that had reached boiling point by firing bullets and tear gas.


While addressing the press at the scene, Ruhweza assured the drivers that the Uganda Police Force was to investigate the accusations that had been made on their officer.

“We are going to sit with our officer and establish the intentions and the truth about all these allegations. But I thank all the taxi drivers for maintaining peace despite the attack,” said Ruhweza.

An unestablished number of people has been arrested and those injured were rushed to Mulago Hosipital for treatment.

This is the second time that UTRADA leaning characters have attacked the Taxi Park and Stage Management Committee offices with an intention of taking it over. This they say is part of the implementation of the outcomes of the taxi driver’s elections that were held at Nakivubo Stadium in October where Mustapha Mayambala was elected President.

Kampala Capital City Authority however declared the elections null and void citing that they were held unlawfully.

riot 6
A policeman tries to arrest a suspect
riot 9
Some of those arrested
riot 4
A casuality receiving first aid
Riot 3
A causality being taken to safety
riot 1
One of those arrested directing police to the source of the chaos
riot 2
Police fired tear gas and bullets
A casuality receiving first aid
A casuality receiving first aid
Police in Mityana yesterday December 29th arrested Pastor Godfrey Mutesasira of Rubyagya Miracle Center in Mityana Town Council following the death of one of his followers who drowned as he was being baptized.

The deceased has been identified as Buruhan Buyondo, page 26.

Phillip Mukasa, pills the Equator Region Police Spokesperson says that Police have arrested Pastor Mutesasira to help with investigations.

“The two may have had issues between each other because some followers who were present at the lake say that the Pastor held his follower in the water for a longer time and this could have caused his death,” says Mukasa.

He adds that investigations are still on and if found guilty, the Pastor will be charged with murder.

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